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We have a trigger warning for this episode. It includes depictions of panic attacks. We went to a different bar into said like way too many shots there and I just think sometimes they get mean and I am worried. I said something but my roommates dislike work all but she said it in a way that I don't know I just don't you are repressing underlying feelings. You are sad I mean. Last week I broke up with my boyfriend. How does it? How does that know that? I'm sad right now So it's an artificial intelligence robot but it understands feelings based on human interactions. I am B. M. Pat and it has your voice. That's very cool. Yeah I've never. I've never seen anything like that. Yeah I mean. There are a lot of different. Ai is but this is the only one that expresses empathy so but anyway Thanks for participating. Oh that's it. Oh so. Cathy at the front desk of she'll give your participant fee all right. Well thank you jeff. Yep sorry you're fine. Just have a good day. Costco's thank you so much. Subject has self destructive tendencies seriously. It's just crazy that all these people spill their guts to an AI. I think people just like to talk about themselves. Yeah Hey path. I hit an oatmeal with bananas. Almonds for breakfast you are happy. That's insane right on so I met this girl at the vending machine earlier. She's very nice. She's she's joining our kickball team tonight. Did you finalize the roster not yet? I'm still running stats. You know I was thinking. Maybe we should give professor hails some playing time. No no he always gets caught stealing bases. So it's about bonding come on. I mean who cares that we're not number one know I do. Actually because we can't keep losing to the Police Department they just the Oh. I got an email. I'm I'm a finalist for the grand medal. What we they want to present to the committee. This Thursday everyone who wins the Graham is in God's like the Guy who heads spot labs. I just had a billion dollar. Ipo Do you think can win your researches flawless. But it's just it. CouldN'T IT BE BETTER? Your Textbook Achiever. Okay and I'm out of chips. I'M GONNA get some chips. You want anything from the vending machine now now. I can't I can't eat right now. Back Grab Cram Award. How is that possible? You are nervous. I'm nervous you are not good enough. I'm not good enough. You are a fraud..

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