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And governance governance for dot partners our guidance and that's what I find interesting in the paper is both practical and specific in addressing deity applicability the dot feasability aspects governance aspects security not as well as their important profitability of course an engine look from your perspective you know what are some of your personal opinions on some of the key findings. Su I in in addition on what Sebastian say hi. Ho just add to that Babe APEC also exemplifies this -nificant solve race management that don't really stage technology driven business innovation okay the I mean. The whole debate has been going on for quite a few years and do you believe that the role risk managers have has been sufficiently engaged within that debate or have they not been engaged sufficiently while this is a good question during the workshops helps of our working group we have of course debated. Ah such wisdom macho technology even innovation in at its exploratory exploratory phase it is handle within. It business functions obviously through these paper out have deformities sharing towards for is managed Jessica dubroff actively participate and shape the future of Deity in insurance as soon as innovation most from exploratory into the deployment face and let me let me add to general come that by tools we refer in the paper for example to a risk catalog and good practices that are explicitly shared with the community for example the appendix of this year. Oh form paper one of the aims of the working group here through our work to establish a sound and join shared language for deal guilty risks and we share good practice approaches to mitigate such risks with all toolkit and we hope therefore to engage gauge risk managers addressing strategy the aspects of governance and compliance aspects of it and operations as well as the very specific and technical nature of dot topics great. Let's dive straight into some of the key points of this publication location. What role did you see. Cro's have in deonte applications and also at what stage well did centralized centralized of dot and its applications.

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