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Ever scouted given the six eight seven three wingspan and again that positional versatility both offensively and defensively. Yes there's questions about him. Is he going to be able to shoot the basketball. That probably is the difference between whether he becomes a stupor superstar in the nba. Or just a quality. Starters is what if he can start stretching defenses with that jump shot. It's it's gonna be crazy because again of his size and athleticism that's going to be. I think the biggest question mark about him going in. But there's legitimate question marks about jalen slugs. There's legitimate question marks about jonathan binga as as there are green and mobile ian cunningham as well and i. I know that there's some hesitancy on the part of listeners. Who have been like. Oh come on. Chad like are we really going to draft in a guy. The can't shoot. Didn't you see what happened with. Ben simmons in philadelphia. And i think a couple things one. I don't think teams think that this is. The same situation has been simmons. I think that they they feel that. Scotty barnes are ready ahead of ben simmons as far as jump shooting goes and i've said this before on the podcast. I think it's actually quite rare that we see a prospect like simmons who essentially almost regresses as shooter over time. Shooting is one of the things that you can improve in the nba. Not everybody does it. There's a number of factors behind that. But i think teams are more bullish on scotty barnes. That he's going to be able to improve on that jump shot and then a five jalen suggs. And i know there's a lot of huge dalen suggs fans out there. What he did in the tournament certainly warrants that. I've been high on him all year and it's no disrespect to find yourself at five in this draft jalen suggs is a stud team still really liking. It's just that maybe he doesn't have that high ceiling as highest ceiling as cunningham mobely greens and barn do given you know in cunningham's case mobley's case barnes's case sort of elite size and link and in greens case and to a certain extent. Barnes like elite like crazy athleticism suggs is really good athlete. Suggs is a good size. Especially if you're thinking about him as a point guard it's and he's got this toughness. He's got leadership. He's got the drive to win. He can play multiple positions on the floor. He's gonna get after it. Any team that takes suggs at three or four or ahead of jalen. Green or head of scott barnes. I'm probably not going to quibble with them. Because i think he's going to be really good. But if you're thinking these other guys have one of those elite physical characteristics that make them a freak in the nba. We've just seen time and time again that those little physical edges whether that's that elite explosive athleticism or elite length or size for position. Do matter at the next level and as good as suggs is he doesn't quite possess that. And also i think some definite questions about whether his jump shot is going to be solid or whether it could be really good. He's a very streaky. Shooter atkins saga last year. And so that leaves jonathan jonathan coming guy who's sort of been in five and after really hot start in the g. league people started to say. Oh james jonathan. Convenient like maybe. Maybe he's the guy that is going to get up closer to three or two. Or what have you cooled off a little bit towards the end of the g. league season he's he's essentially a year younger than all the other four prospects that i just talked about. He has less experience. There was a little bit less to judge him on. There was jaylen green. And i think all of that makes his floor a little bit riskier but the ceiling is ridiculously high. And somebody who gets. Jonathan coming has the chance to be drafting a star a little bit more risk but we saw last year in the draft with anthony edwards lamelo ball. I think in my opinion bigger risks than jonathan coming bigger questions that were coming in huge huge ceilings that we saw with anthony edwards and lamelo ball but but some scary floors. I mean there was a lot of people that were really concerned about. Lamelo ball was going to be able to play defense when it was his shot going to be like. Is it going to be able to get away with playing that sort of style. The next level anthony edwards around his sort of general basketball feel was going to be able to shoot the ball well enough and both of them really played so well. They played to their strengths. That floor has risen for both of them right now and so may be coming scary in this draft but if you were to put him in last year's draft i think there would have been a strong argument for jonathan dominguez. The number one pick in the draft and so this is really strong at the top six. Not all of these players are going to progress at the same rate. They may not all show the same next year. Some of that's going to be situation that they land on. What have you. But all of them have the potential to be all stars at the next level all of them are tier one or two prospects to me. I'm still sputtering. All of that out right now and i will run a draft tears column as we get closer to the draft as i as i get a better feel for what teams are thinking right now but i think right now. It's safe to say that all of them are to your one or two which means superstar or potential all star and and that's a really really deep draft as we get to six. Okay when we come back we will talk about what is really that sort of next here. And what's sort of happening after six where there's a lot less consensus and a lot of people trying to figure out what's going to happen next..

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