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Next to port at eight forty eighty breaking traffic alerts when they happen joys thank you very much John you do it is now time to get a forecast for you for the next couple of days I don't think he's going to have to repeat it much because it's pretty much the same thing in the damn Yasser as mid nineties with plenty of sunshine some clouds around the one thing that will change tomorrow the wind will pick up a little bit will get guests the twenty and today it's about ten miles per hour no a breezy the weekend as well also some brain may be edging towards our area during the morning hours of starting as early as Friday and Saturday father's day and into early next week will be storms forming in western Oklahoma and southern Kansas during the late afternoon and evening hours ago expanding coverage and be diving southeast a hundred thousand dollar question is will they hold together as they move into the area before sunrise each of those morning something I'll keep an eye on at least or something to talk about as far something falling from the sky so again stated right now seventy five like Ariel the the only thing we want falling from the skies rain it is it's eight forty one now nineteen away from nine o'clock and we're live in the Mercedes Benz of Plano news center eight forty one now K. R. L. D.'s we've got gasoline prices now on the ten eighty pump one local average in North Texas is down a penny a gallon overnight where it dollars eighty two you can find it as cheap as a dollar fifty five in Keller the axon at main and wall price Keller the dollar sixty seven in Arlington racetrack at Cooper and Mayfield yeah we got a dollar sixty seven in west Dallas the QuikTrip at Davis and Walton Walker again that local average now a dollar eighty two a highly anticipated Supreme Court decision due any day could impact whether more than six hundred thousand dreamers and could could impact more than six hundred thousand dreamers and could decide if they can stay in the U. S. nineteen pandemic continues to spread he group is on the front lines recipients of daca it's really hard to plan when you're on a constant expiration date all twenty years of my education including my medical degree will just become useless overnight more than two hundred thousand working an essential jobs and nearly thirty thousand are employed in the health care system like Daniel and Donna a twenty seven year old licensed practical nurse who came from Mexico when he was one he's now conducting covert nineteen testing in New Mexico you can see maybe there's a line of cars it's ME and for co workers that are doing this health care worker fabula Dominguez a mother of three also came from Mexico when she was six I work at the pediatric ICU inter's kova nineteen I had to transition into adult I see you as the Supreme Court prepares to issue its ruling Janet Uppala Tano and homeland security department in.

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