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Now I asked the guy that was working for us, you know, like he's like, oh, yeah, I've worked with people that so multiple companies like, why would anybody do this again? He's like, you can always buy a bigger jet, Matt. So you. You and I think we share a lot of of values. I think we're maybe I'm a little difference. I five kids and kind of a cheap doll, my goals, you know. So I do this podcast because it's kind of cathartic thing. We have thousands of people that Email and into info threats, and I'm show dot com. And we answer the questions and it just keeps growing and know I'm into that. And so like with advertisers, you know, I'm very selective about who we allowed advertise. I don't travel anymore. I don't like traveling freaks me, get motion sickness, and I also have like a anxiety when people move my stuff, you know. So I've kind of thirty seven hit my goals and I'm kinda just, you know, we're franchising elephant in the room. The actually the Oxy fresh business that I've worked with with with my partner, jumped Barnet's doing great. I mean, all the things are up and they're working. And so I'm kind of like really spending less time on the business stuff and more time on like life up. Station, how do you balance that? I mean, do you spend like how does your calendar look now? I mean, are you do you work? Because I don't. You start a business, you're probably working. We started Vince loosens you're probably working eighty hours a week, right? I mean, maybe ninety. Yeah. So how does your look out? It's busy. I mean, I started another business this year and between it and my business stack, if I'm very busy. Yeah, it's my calendars pretty full every single day. How busy do you want it to be? Like how many hours a week do you wanna work in that calendar? I enjoy working. I mean, if if I had nothing to do at night other like work than watch TV like, I don't know. I I have like some kind of sickness I like to work I, this is this is my challenge. I've five kids, it's like I love my kids, and so I I have, I make myself turn off work at a certain time. Every day made says, I just love it in its, I'm good at it and the more I do it, the better I get. And so it's kind of that addictive cycle. It's almost like if you're in the NFL you get hurt a lot, you get hit, you get bruises, but you like playing. So these guys will play, you know, just beat themselves up. What does confidence loop to right? Like you get more confidence and more coffins the better you get. So I want to ask you, what are your or your your your boundaries like you and your wife have agreed on as far as like days of week you can work or hours? Or do you have certain rules like, you know, like, Matt, you can't work till four AM every day, or is there like you're done working at five. You have a certain time in the day you start or just. Walk us through your daily routine. I usually don't work from like five PM till eight pm after the kids go to bed. Sometimes I'll work a lot of times I'll work, but yeah, like in the evening when the kids are up on around and all that stuff, I don't work and I don't work that much on the weekend. I try not to. So now you're building stack of by and you're involved in multiple ventures, but I want to focus on stack affi- for a moment. Could you tell us about what stack affi- is and what problems it solves in the marketplace? Yeah. So in short, we do application performance monitoring. So what that really means is, let's say you're trying to order pizza tonight and you're using pizza. It's website if whatever reason, pizza Hut's website doesn't work. He gets an error at slow. You move on, you go to Domino's Papa. John's Morale's right? Well, pizza needs. Knowing that happens, they need to know win their app, a slow, white slow, who it's affecting all those things. So we basically help other software. Version? No, when their applications aren't working and exactly why they're not working. We're super data nerds basically where like a black box on an airplane..

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