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You know to to to the extent that george likes playing with these foreshadowing zinni's knees not not prophetic hints but these greater lesser fulfillment of things the fact that these suitors for this princess were all these houses that correspond exactly to the people who have courted unmarried married sanza is kind of interesting mmhmm i still think it's a bit ekita her and john get married yeah being cousins the uh well i mean it's not the fact that they're cousins because even if they're garreton's married the sister because that's what they do in their culture um it it's more of like the fact they were raised as brother and sister and think of themselves as brother and sister right that's wet would be like you know well i know i know you're my sister but the for the rome we must faulk i i don't know how i feel about the yeah but he pointed out shit that point and his video that in a very early draft like i guess georgia's released an outline of how the original trilogy of game of thrones supposed to go john actually mary's aria oh k which with we know about the relationship in the show in the books at subaru fucking weird and creeping hull so it's not like like george can go there hut i would never say that he can't understand that it's more like uh you know uh i dunno i dunno this is this the fizz this is pretty compelling i feel like any time the numbers of royalty art thinned things start to get really key.

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