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Off when. On stage. Very. Milwaukee, van. Weeded. Most of the Greenstock remember clears you've saying Tommy like so many times now, is there any little part of that you don't like singing you kind of dread that little moment or the whole thing you love doing? It should challenge. Challenge. So that's. Difficult place, but the more the more I think about it in the more for this is quite a bit. Now. Graphically. Awesome. A Vestal ridden. The best new? Oh, yes. Burly guy. What do you got the Granville. So tell me the music that you listen to that still moves you the most. Oh. Not one, there's no one. I try to keep wage the ground around very little new software a lot. There are a few. Sewing machine. She's a singer, she right? Yeah. Hopefully I'll know. I got back to the original, able able Jerry Lee? Oh yeah. Chop Varian. Five in Belize. It was grim. To be doing what they did in nineteen fifty seven and everything. I mean when nobody had done before. Where's the farm in valley are? I mean, honestly, though the Banja Luka. Of interest. New clothes was interviewing Robert plant, not let lot a few years ago, and he was so adamant that he didn't want to be back in zap when you know. So why do you think that your attitude has always been has always been so different about who you've always been so eager to keep doing it. On the hometown fans. I'm a fan of his music. Regional. Watching stored Nettie. All right. Do you think you'd ever play the who sell out straight through at a concert. I can see for miles and tattoo in lady Marianne with a shaky hand, and at all. Those. Yeah. We couldn't do that. Shing not doing old recovery knowledge. Unable to sing each. That was that was that was yellow with the New York, Monte city, oh, somewhere city. Tight Muntz Donald tracking. On to type reporters thousand across liar, offer lives of, oh, coups. Triumphed cloudy rain, but not we'll be. Okay. Are gonna tour next year? Are the more touring plans for though. We haven't planned planned anything, but we also Evans that giving up. We've said, she's the beginning, the long beginning about fiftieth anniversary to an among goodbye types. The cleveland. But you don't this business up this business. Yeah, yeah. And play. Please keep going. I would love to see I get. And again, again, again, again, I never wanted to. Well, we will. You know, good. A move, his essence wins sites. They will. You know, I love face dances and I, I love it. Hard. Do you? Do you agree that those are very good albums that are under appreciated. I. Time didn't like it's all. Tracks on there. I think cry if you want a great track. Yeah. Akam else was on there. There's eminence front and. That was a good album. Yeah. A lot of juice cleaned up. Yeah. On how things are really quite interesting. Yeah, and I think by numbers is a masterpiece. I would love to hear live one day just the whole thing. What I do quote, you some some that a new show with without play on how many planes and. From the whites? Yeah. Up on those easy? Yeah. How many friends is grace only out gore? Yeah. Guys of anticipated. Yeah. All right. So going to end on an on an office argument that I want you to settle that we've been having for years. So who's better band, the stones or the who. Paren- chocolate. I mean, the sons are all the festival, Corolla, banning the world back ball. Man. In the world. Accounting. I come tell you because I mean. Fucking good roof. That's who incite would you saw whether we best, but I'm the Saudi, didn't use the stones are best Roker mov ending. For the often we don't do route. We do role..

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