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I thought in the stock around one hundred change and was successful in the face to read our the stocks. I'm massive increase to three hundred bucks. And what i was thinking was that well. This is what the company's valued now and it's just gravy from here. So i hold onto a lotta my shares and what we saw that the excitement around that valuation kinda crumbled and. I think it's mostly due to the fact that capital is needed to do these trials. And there's a big gap in catalysts and nash trials which is what magical is looking at indication in and alzheimer's trials take a really long time and for that reason. There's a big delay. When it comes to getting data that actually instills the current market cap in the stock so what ended up happening with magical is the price fell to around a third of its peak and expect sava to do something similar so i would expect from a peak of around. I'll say ninety that it settles probably at around twenty to thirty dollars a share now depending how much capital they have to raise. This could go up or down whether or not there's a the future is uncertain. But that's what i would expect. Now the callister actually very important as well so what the is looking at for next steps is the initiation of their phase three trial which they say is gonna start in the second half of twenty twenty one what comes from that is perhaps an interim analysis or futility analysis that might be around six months after that so we might be looking at q two q three of twenty twenty two before we actually see data on an official phase three placebo controlled double blind trial there concluding an end of phase two meeting with the fda and they're announcing guidance on that in the first quarter of this year. So we're gonna hear what came of that. I think they're finalizing the minutes right now. And that will provide some insight onto what the fda sees is a path forward for the company and then final open label data. We should expect it..

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