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This guy. We've been that long. Yeah well that's going gonna tell my wife because she was miserable with the home schooling into quarantining step when my daughter got a you know the the cova tests and I'm gonna tell her you're the one that's got the deal with this so i would have that wear a mask and the congress if you want your school to stay open. Have your kids wearing masks. It's true i agree with that way to do it. Until they can be vaccine pretty simple. Okay well thank you. Brian comes from seventy wwl w he interrupted. Its talk with all the innocence. Lived the kid chris. Innocence project at this time every week alley we go through the top songs in the country in the big formats. Okay it is for rock world. Of course our top forty and then country. Okay okay. These are all the big solid gold. Hits pingers these are the bangers and all the big format so iraq rise against.

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