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Know I Know You love your phone? APPs to keep yourself on track into. Keep track of your to do is. That's great, but. It doesn't stand up against the science that we have. To prove that the brain begins to work on these things in our subconscious when we take our own pen to paper and write out exactly what we're thinking what we're doing when it comes to brainstorm when it comes to decision making when it comes to keeping ourselves on track when it comes to just planning out our day when you take a pendant paper, it's crazy. How much more effective you're GONNA go about a pushing those things and knowing what you need to do without constantly looking at your phone or to do list because you've written it out on your own handwriting. It so powerful. It's why it created the push journal. This is not a plug for the push journal as I said a million times. I don't care what you use, but you've got to put a plan down in writing of a very specific way that I do this. You can find out exactly how I plan my day I'm happy to share that with you. There will be a link in our show notes to an IED G. T. V. that I did show you exactly how I use my planner. It just takes a few minutes. I set the habit of doing that the night before. Before and that habit again, I've had to adjust it slightly due to quarantine. I've moved. The location of my journal just wasn't working across my sink anymore. So I've moved into the kitchen and TRAE. Put on my makeup in drink my coffee, so watch that video again link will be in the show notes, but you've got to use a push journal or some form of a general you've got. That's a system. The more systems you have in place, the more structure you have, the more freedom you have, the more structure you have, the more disciplined you'll be. You don't have to rely on willpower. All right next is number eight, and that is rewards. We seek pleasure. When it comes to motivation why we do certain things or why we don't do certain things are really comes down to the very simple science of pain versus pleasure right? We are pleasure seeking. Animals, we are motivated by those things that make us feel good. We do things because they either make happy, or we do things to avoid pain, and as it turns out, most humans want to avoid both like we want to avoid pain, and we want to gain pleasure, and as it turns out, people will actually go to great lengths. Avoid pain in fact were far more motivated to avoid pain than we are to gain pleasure, but remember discipline. Is often disguised as short term pain, which often leads to long term happiness long-term gains. The the most people make is that we get intoxicated by those short term wins right win that immediate gratification, and that's why people are often dissatisfied, because immediate gratification is often short lived. Remember anything that you want and humans, really valuable anything that's truly substantial and meaningful is going to require you to break through the lure of that short term gain in order to get the long-term pleasure in order to truly go after what it is you want. We have to stop focusing on what feels good in the moment right like we can equate the Stephen Mindless eating. You might be sad or lonely or depressed or bored. And what sounds good in the moment is? A Doughnut Bird whatever pick your indulgence. It sounds like it's going to give you pleasure. But if we stop ourselves and ask what is going to give me in the long run well, the answer is quite obvious..

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