Hamas, Gaza discussed on The Tel Aviv Review - The Burden of Responsibility: Hamas Rule in Gaza


Changed the the state the view taken of into a sharia state mayor there are a lot of things in between there as well other any circumstances that are really unique unspecific to the palestinian case summing them suming the answer is yes being you know the conflict on the occupation and other issues that really preoccupy hamas in the palestinians in general but do you see patterns in this form of political islam that they're really unique and specific to the palestinian case i think what what's what's unique is is perhaps its flexibility and that it can be interpreted to almost anything and used for the purposes in what's needed at the time this also is the the muslim brotherhood a broader way of relating to islam that it should be reinterpreted for every new generation it should be adapted to the circumstances so it's not really anything new in that sense assist that hamas doing it to the fullest extent let me ask you something i think that people really are wondering whether hamas being in this defacto power situation in gaza is becoming more pragmatic and more moderate in hamas terms whatever that means or not it over the last few months or even year analysts on the ground say us becoming more authoritarian but on the other hand there are also these pragmatic statements that seemed to accept the reality of two states this new charter which is the overriding direction that hamas taking yes it's a good question let's take the chart rosen example so he explained for our listeners what the charges are so hamas first charter was published in 1988 in the toads.

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