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In the past ninety days to store for details and terms conditions this year's oscars ceremony included two words that could mean real change when it comes to casting and as ap entertainment editor of schools gabril reports one hollywood stars as his going to do his part to help or a lotta people this was the first time they heard inclusion rider but now that oscarwinner frances mcdormand has uttered the cry expect others to echo it like michael be jordan the costar of black panther says he will have inclusion riders in all projects done by his production company jordan says doing so will follow the lead of women and men who are taking up the fight to make hollywood more inclusive for those unfamiliar with the term an inclusion writer is a contract addendum that requires a hollywood movie or tv project to hire a diverse cast and crew a moscow's gabriel the national hockey league rolls out the red carpet for the new winning his general manager in league history in a pregame ceremony national predators gm david poile says so many people have helped them reach reaches motto ask everybody has the player coaches the hawks are organization hassi going the same direction i'm really proud ours i for this recognition but it really is a more boils predators made it to the stanley cup finals last season for the first time in team history and he says he's grateful to be part of the franchise all i have every coach worked for me every cloud has played for me the office style the scowls my assistant manager hall fat everybody is an unbelievable rai nhl commissioner gary bettman noted it's an impressive accomplishment on its own but the point all did it working for just two teams senate profession with a high rate a turnover the fact that you've done it with only two teams and you've.

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