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Swat teams descending on the tree. Lined streets of squirrel hill the piece of the sleepy weekend morning show. The first nine one one calls coming in at nine fifty four AM people inside the tree of life synagogue, frantic. They were under attack. One caller sound like say may have been shot. Members of three congregations in sign a baby naming ceremony about to get underway. Now a gunman had entered the house of worship. Often fire according to the FBI the alleged gunman forty six year old Robert Bowers Hulan words of hate against Jews, even as he murdered them. When the first two police officers encounter Bowers. They say he was wielding in a or fifteen rightful. The front of the fire thousand five the officers wounded and the gunman than retreating further into the synagogue, a swat team enters discovering a scene of unimaginable horror, eleven people. Three women and eight men dead meas- medics rush to evacuate. The wounded officers climbed to the third floor were Bowers has fled. What came next an all out gun battle Bowers shot and surrenders talking Talking about. about. Choosing communicate. When the police say he was ranting. They're committing genocide to my people. I just want to kill Jews a short time ago. We were dispatched to active gunfire. The tree of life synagogue in squirrel hill. Do not come out of your home right now. It is not safe in the neighborhood, fear and disbelief to more was inside everybody in that place. This is crazy. This is unbelievable. People have to stop hating. Definitely the acumen Kevin Hart and live across the street from the synagogue as the chaos unfolded. Police knocked on their door, much Much joy. more forgotten positioning a sniper in their bedroom window the couple hearing a barrage of gunfire. Kind of like a full on gun battle sounds like It it was was a a wise zone. as the couple watched. They could see survivors strangling out. And what's really, what's really disturbing? It was so sad because they're so old. So they really go fast and the police were urging them hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Authorities say in addition to that AR fifteen Bowers had three handguns with him and used all of his weapons it's a very horrific crime saying it's one of the worst that I've seen. And Matt Cup joins us live tonight. And Matt you spoke with a rabbi who was actually inside the synagogue when the gunfire erupted. That's right. He said he jumped right behind the dais as soon as erupted dialing nine one one serving as first responders eyes and ears. He said what he saw was indescribable. And when I asked him about that Har weather, it he had any psychological counseling himself said I don't have any time. I have too many funerals to plan, David..

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