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Race. We think of it as a visual phenomenon. But race as sound to. Hey guys, welcome back sisters. Everyone. When you heard those voices, did you give a race class, perhaps some kind of s Ignatius of character, and if so why do we do this? Where does this discriminating ear come from a MAC? And I'm Christiane phantom, power. We listened to race or to put it correctly, we examine how we are always listening to race. Our guide is Jennifer Lynn Stover, associate professor of English at the state university of New York. Binghamton stover's, the author of the sonic color line race. And the cultural politics of listening, a book that argues that white racism depends, just as much on the ear as it does the I she shows. How listening has been used slavery to distinguish separate black and white, and how African American artists, and critics like Richard. Right. Lead belly and Lena Horne have identified critiqued, and pushed, the boundaries of this sonnet color. Chris, when I spoke to Jennifer, she reminded me of a story that really shows how high the stakes of this kind of listening can be. I talk in the in the opening of the book about the case of Jordan Davis. It.

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