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Like the night traffic and weather for Columbus radios WTVN street hospitalize what Bernie injuries after they were struck by a vehicle last night at northwest Columbus police it happened a little after eight o'clock at stills or road an old country lane no arrests have been made police in Hamilton County still looking for a suspect after hotel shooting just outside Cincinnati Friday evening a twenty year old and fifteen year old killed during an attempted robbery at a Hampton inn in sycamore township in eighteen year old also shot in the fall it's a Friday evening firing jog a county requiring twelve area fire departments assistance Chardon fire among those respond to the cedar road home in months and township the flames decimating the building killing two dogs the owners not injured the fire under investigation and another group under investigation at Ohio University theta thou row beta chapters been prohibited from taking part in activities the engineering fraternity accused of participation in conduct that put quote the health and safety of members at risk I'm Kyle Cornell Hey it's Joe Judy Jack to boss from over the line we take a look back at the light hearted pop culture stories a may have slipped through the cracks this week check it out tonight from seven to nine on newsradio six ten WTVN.

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