Joe Biden, FBI, Donald Trump discussed on John Gibson


The the speaker wave joe biden here saying that we were tarling and feathering the entire fbi but we have whom i talking about who's this who's the speaker the not out of the plus nancy pelosi nancy pelosi the other day she said that uh you know donald trump when this memos released was sending a bouquet to putin now democrats who is who is associate hitting the the do when you're saying that the executive branch is actually working in concert and we had this word treason throat around the other as a joke by president trump but is not as nasty pelosi not suggesting treason when the president is sending flowers to putin one item i yes yes it's floral trees in okay these it one eight hundred flowers yeah it's the same thing it's intimating the same thing but they have treason hypocrisy so they like to throw it around but if need a president trump make the joke about it then it's like you know at the end of the world is i think you seriously you know this is outrageous statements not patriotic and you know they have for a 'voliti so anyway you get my point long story short i mean it's just that the democrats are gonna like anything that president trump does add even though they're the ones caught redhanded here as it relates to the fbi tax and be um collusion to try to undermine the candidacy of donald trump and assists the candidacy of hillary clinton doesn't matter that he noticed the mainstream media is not recording out at the.

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