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News break, but actual guard is searching the torched remains of paradise California today for victims of the deadly camp fire. The most destructive fire in state history is now claimed the lives of at least forty eight people the guard is sending out one hundred military officers trained to identify human remains to team up with local law enforcement and us cadaver dogs to find more victims. It's one of a handful of fires still raging in the state Defense Secretary. Jim Mattis says he does not expect the military to be involved in law enforcement actions on the southern border, Madison. Homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen are in mcallen, Texas today to assess needs at the US Mexico border matters told reporters, he does not interstate military personnel coming into direct contact with migrants. It's day. Two of the opening statements in El Chapo, drug conspiracy trial in Brooklyn this morning. Prosecutors asked the judge to throw out the defense's opening statement before it was finished, Joaquin El Chapo, Guzman's lawyers claim the reputed Mexican drug kingpin is not the real leader. And there's nothing more than the fall guy for corrupt Mexican government officials one of the four or family members of the Ohio area arrested in connection with one of the most brutal crimes to ever take place in the state is in court today. Members of the Wagner family are charged with aggravated murder for the execution style killings of eight members of the rodent family and 2016 George Billy Wagner. The third is in court today after his arrest in Kentucky. Celebrate your furry friend by bringing them out to experience a day of fun frolic and exploration at paws in the park.

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