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How much change do you see coming Doyle? Well, I mean, probably walker's never been in for Chris Richards. If Tyler Adams can't go, it's Kellen Acosta is the backup 6. We know from the start, the Anthony Robinson was going to play all three games. I was surprised that I thought this was great. I was surprised. I surprised that started. In this one, given that it seemed like there was call for rotating the right back, given how many write backs were brought to camp. I mean, I don't know, the two because of the injury, maybe put peppy back in the center for word and then the question is, is it time to bench Christian ballistic? I think if you don't start him against Honduras, it's not benching him. Three games in a week. All right, that's fair. You're right. But he is the number ten. He is the part time captain. He is the most famous and ostensibly the best player. This is a must win game. It's a must win World Cup qualifier. That's like landed Donovan would have started this game. Clint Dempsey would have started this game. Brian McBride would have started this game. Claudio Reina would have started this game, you know? They would have found it, but like, okay, even irrespective of that, just in terms of we want to we want the U.S. to go out there and win, who do you start at left wing? Because Tim wy is going to come back in at right wing, do you start areola? Do you start pulisic? Do you start Jordan Morris? I think you stick with Christian. Must win, you need these points at home. I think you go with him and then aaronson I didn't think had his best day. He had like I mentioned a couple moments where he was able to find space and he's always busy, but I don't know if he did enough to keep his place. And then Jordan, I think they're using exclusively as a guy off the bench right now. He just doesn't have enough minutes to give you more than that. So I think Christian Christian would stay. So Honduras, the other option is they've slid him in the end of the game. They slip him in the middle. And they pushed areola into a wide space. So with Adam's coming out, maybe you try and tweak things a little bit so Christian slides in. But that still doesn't leave the change you still need to make us for that 6th position because you don't want to push west and back. And force him to sit there. And lusa is not going to be that either. So you kind of need to make that position with a cost to coming in. Two home games left for the U.S. and the octagonal. Four games overall. Honduras on Wednesday, Panama on March 27th. Visit on March 24th to Mexico and two coasta Rica on March 30th. Those are what you would probably call the two, well, before Canada. Let's say in the hex, those would have been your two trickiest away games. Doyle says must win, I agree with Doyle home games in the hacks you wanna go to the World Cup must win. Dave, what's your big picture thought on the U.S. in that match? And then let's take it to Canada. Yeah, and there's the worst team in qualifying. You can't afford to give up getting three points against them. Canada just beat them on the road. That's where they stand, unfortunately, four Honduras, and there should be no other expectation. I think Honduras, they're biggest threat to you is in the attack. If Kyoto at least in lozano, that's something to worry about..

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