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Spears he theories were crafted by a shadow organization called m j twelve that included powerful men like harry truman who started these tall tales to cover up their true intentions world domination so there is a lot of detail to cover but fear not we will discuss all these theories indepth next episode mm thanks for tuning in to conspiracy theories if you want to hear more conspiracy theories you can find us on apple podcast tune in google play soundcloud spotify stitcher or your favorite podcast directory if you like what you here please leave a fivestar review seems simple but it really helps our show tell us your favorite conspiracy theories on facebook and instagram at park cast an on twitter park network join us next week as we continue our second look at area 51 until then remember the truth isn't always the best story and the official story isn't always the truth conspiracy theories was created by max cutler his a production of cutler medium and is part of the park hass network that is produced by mackson ron cutler sound design by ron shapiro with production assistance by paul moller additional production assistance by maggie admire and carleen madden conspiracy theories is written by drew coal and stars molly brandenburg and carter roy we wanna make sure we have advertisers on the show that you'll love so we need to learn a little bit more about you just go to pods survey dot com slash conspiracy and take a quick anonymous survey that will help us get to know you better plus you can enter to win a one hundred dollars amazon gift card just by completing the survey visit p od as you are v e y dot com slash conspiracy and take the quick anonymous survey and enter to win an amazon gift card thanks for your help.

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