Arizona, James Dobbins, New York Times discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


The core let back part if few listening to me any like the time whether it's on my show in arizona earnings i'm a bit on the show it's come up very often its operations fast and furious i've talked about it because it happened in arizona but it affected the entire country james dobbins is a special agent or was a former special agent with atf alcohol tobacco and firearms vest the new york times bestselling author book called no angel the first federal agent to become a full patch men member of the hell's angels infiltrator that organization responsible for a lot of arrests and then it went completely sideways and the connection between the two fast and furious and what happened the j dobbins is atf leadership of the people that were in charge of the fast and furious operation or the same people or the bosses over jay dobbins when he was railroaded so i i welcome to the show jake thanks for joining me according to review and your audience and thanks for having me jay you and i have talked about a lot of things i met you at the benefit for the families of border patrol agent brian terry and i know that this is a subject that is very near to you with this hearing coming up tomorrow what are you expecting a safe it's to to do in this hearing what are you expecting to find out well they're promising to finally get to the bottom of what happened and arbor cover of nba executive privilege that was extended over the case to protect the white house in the department of justice and eric holder whether or not i don't know joe supreme terry brian's mother is set to testify before the oversight committee and i like her words and her passion and emotion over the death.

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