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College sports. It's New Year's day two thousand five. Who? That winning field goal by dusty Mangum along with a two hundred yard rushing performance by redshirt sophomore quarterback Vince, young propelled taxes to thirty eight thirty seven whenever Michigan that night in the Rose Bowl perhaps kickstarting two thousand five season in which the undefeated long would claim a national championship on that same field a year later tonight. Marks UT's? I New Year's day bowl appearance in fourteen years. But it's not parades in Pasadena, but Benes and bourbon street has Texas faces another traditional powerhouse the Georgia BULLDOGS in the allstatesugarbowl, Texas has their hands full with the two headed rushing attack of the dogs. The Andrea swift and Elijah holy Bill who combined for over two thousand yards this season while hoping that Sam. Jordan Humphrey and Colin Johnson can keep pace against Georgia defense that allows us to eighteen points per game this year, get your beats on your warns up. It's Texas and Georgia live from New Orleans next here on the Longhorn IMG radio network. Longhorn football is brought to you by AT and T more for your thing. That's our thing. State farm talk to an agent today at eight hundred state farm by slots official said which of the Texas longhorns oven toasted and. And by Winstar world casino and resort. It's always a good.

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