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Shipping and handling is free. And your money back is guaranteed to take advantage of this special radio offer. Call now 1 808 to 95688. That's 1 808 to 95688 again. 1 808 to 9 56 88 Here at Pocono Raceway. Keep in mind Kyle Busch. While he said he might have been out of gas. He does not have a clutch, and he only has fourth gear, so there's no way he was going to be able to fire that race car up and pull away on his own. He had to have an assist from the push truck. Kyle Busch, making the U turn at pit exit. He'll come up the opposite direction down the pit lane to make his way back down to Victory Lane where our Steve Post is patiently awaiting from Pocono Raceway. This is the motor Racing network, the voice of NASCAR. It's your all access pass to the stars of NASCAR. Each weekday with NASCAR Hot Path kind of had a hole that we had to dig ourselves out of, and we've been working on that each week. We'll hear from the sports top drivers as they talk life on and off the race track. Um, I really enjoy seeing behind the scenes, you know, movie or T V sets today. It's actually really fascinating. Quite honestly, I think I'm getting better with age NASCAR hot past weekday mornings from the Motor Racing network. Yeah. Grassroots racing. It's where I got my start and what we talk about on NASCAR coast to coast. I'm Hannah Newhouse Join me and Kyle Rookie each week as we talk with drivers from NASCAR's national international Touring series and your local NASCAR track, Kyle talks with the wheel and modified driver of the week.

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