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Time. Cool. Okay. Tell me about your music, and what was the ban the name of the band, though, legendary bay area band. One of the lead singers for the group model. MA L O model with George Santana and so- model started back in the early seventies with the his hit song swab seat though. And I was their new blood, I came on board with Malo in nineteen Ninety-three and toured with them through nineteen ninety eight and co wrote two of their last albums. And so in as I was mentioning now, Eric's, Eric's film. There's a there's, there's a faith based spin to it. And so when I left Malo I left model because I had wish Aaron with Pat, that back in nineteen ninety eight I actually overdosed smoking crack cocaine. And so what ended up happening was, I transitioned from model from second or music and started recording gospel music. So on that on the portion of, of the faith based scene. Enes, he used some of my music in the film, and it worked out, really, really well, in complemented, his, his film. So that's kind of where my two cents comes in. Yeah. Just sounds fascinating. And of course, it's, you know, a little home slice here, because of because of Arabic and, and our association, one of my colleagues. I'm just the proud of Tim. I can hardly stand. It. I mean, how does this happen where a radio producer goes, and he's been he's had this story in his head for years and years and years? And he wrote the damn thing is excuse me. Himself. And then he goes out sells his house and puts everything into making this movie. And I've made a deal with him that when he goes to the Academy Awards, I'm going to be what do you call that person who sits in your seat when you get up to manager? Our volunteer like during the breaks, get up to go to the bathroom. And if the camera if the cameras focus back on the audience, they want the audience to look full, so they have people sitting in those and I'm gonna be I'm going to be a seat warmer. Whatever the term. To not that, but that's exactly what you're doing to walk in with me. Walk in with you. Listen. You guys I thank you so much for being here. And Eric again, we're also proud of you, so you need to stay in touch with us about all this progress and let us know what's happening when it happening. Yes, martin. So real quick. Make sure that he, he reminds everyone that not only the website, but on, on all the social media. He has social media for, for feel your heart, including all social in Facebook and all the different entities. Okay. You can find his Facebook dot com slash fill your heart, your heart the movie, and then all all social also, that's dourson, the movie so and don't forget, you can see it this weekend. You can see it tomorrow. You can see it Sunday. It's playing in Vacaville, if you're in that area, and I know a lot of you, are, you can get tickets online at fill your heart the movie dot com and you can go to that website too, because there are a lot of great scenes in here, and it's, it's just it's just terrific, and I'm so excited about it air. Congratulations in a big way. Yeah. Best of luck on this, and please stay in touch with us, and I'm gonna put you in touch with him because I think it would be great if he had a chance to to the flick. Congratulations on your award to at the at the film festival. That's pretty notable for your first time out. Thank you all of it. You know, even making a feature film. I'm so I'm so glad that you didn't give up. All right. So tell you what. Let's do you guys. Stay with me. You guys are going to go. But I'm gonna stay with Tim, and we have a number of movies that we are going to talk about, but Tim, before we get to the break, I do want to ask you something. Did you watch berry? Are you kidding me? Now, see how you are. Down nabbing me to finish that.

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