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Dot com i'm kevin o'neill wjr traffic first on the fives the wjr weather center snow showers possible late tonight otherwise mostly cloudy skies lower 30s early snow showers saturday otherwise mostly cloudy tomorrow little bit of afternoon sun thirty seven colder sunday snow showers mid20s from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ken boone on these tom seven sixty doubled not guinea how can you rose iron traffic now i want to hear something go ahead how can you to say the sport story of the year is what you see a without hearing this this was the sport story of the year the apologize what is the long process for we only went to ucla oneanddone play valuable oh it's tattered me but he's not no he's the most annoying sport or you know substance to that store don't have to have subject will be done already in order for asylum only act be the biggest sports story the year the the anthem thing i'd both substance controversy ohga and and a longevity one yet just had a big mouth guy and and a bunch of reporters who couldn't stop sticking their microphone white on here the pit rock was the story of the story though he he is the big arms looking wherever wherever i listened to the traffic on i ninety six and waited for of ask you though is the biggest story the year he is he is he is anamusing anecdote in in and not even amusing i'm using had turned annoying and i'm with mitch that you and i are now discussing it which elevator.

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