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One last topic i wanted to sort of skid pass was dialectical behavioral therapy dbt which is sort of another offshoot of the cognitive stuff that's for with four what it is is is a really a specialized form of i would say cognitive behavioral therapy of recognizing particularly thought patterns that you have and you know how to counter them in the moment often having more to do with identity issues and impulsivity issues because it's it's it's a specialized it's a specialized form of cbt for emotional regulation and that's really important for the population with borderline personality disorder that's that is most let me it's really used for anybody who has difficulty with emotional regulation and and helping call into other people's brains exist isn't that part of the dvd other people i mean yes that other people exist and and being able to when you're unregulated we'd be able to be aware of their emotion but not have to take it in being able to be separate because if you're borderline personality disorder you have difficulty with identity you have difficulty with knowing you know being clear on what your own sexual identity is and other facets of your identity but you're also very susceptible to other people's emotional states and so you've sort of porous identity you problems with impulsivity you have a problems with emotional regulation so very quick to anger very quick to feel intensely and feel terrible things intensely and so relationships tend to be really super turbulent everything is very turbulent and and a lot of struggle with depression suicidal thoughts and that obviously you can imagine suicidal thoughts and impulsively.

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