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It's not up for CBS. There's no question. But the main thing they want they want to get in as much as they can. And then if there is a delay, then they can pick up pick it up again. And maybe get the thing in tomorrow before the day ends Scotty biggest surprise for you on the leaderboard right now as you said earlier, there's no pretenders. There are no for tenders on this leaderboard except for Harding kid from South Africa who was in Austin a couple of weeks ago and did not make the final pot. He's the only somewhat pretender in the group. I can't say there's any surprises on the leaderboard. I think the surprises the scores that some of them are shooting like the web Simpson score in the Tony fee now score to sixty four at here. I don't care what the conditions. Are. You have to do a lot of things, right? A lot of things. Right. All right. This is sports Saturday the fifteenth club live from Augusta Georgia we're going to take a break. But after this break, we're going to visit with the two-time masters champion, Ben Crenshaw, again, an Italian is still leading Cesco Monari, and guess what an Italian has never ever ever won the masters. We should've known we had dinner Sunday night at Louis. Teas are favored at day in restaurant. And guess who is sitting at the table next to us while that's Amore. He was playing on the boat was teen. Martin's daughter. Martin. So that was the sign we should have loaded up. Then climates is also going to be with us just a little bit gave away. Ho one of the assisted pros at line medicinal will be talking about Augusta's. Well, but when we return visit with Ben Crenshaw alive on sports Saturday, the.

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