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Star basically, right and got smashed by guy driving nuts. Yeah. And the guy that the driver car, you know, gut I tried to get back in his car and drive away and a win drive half a car. Drive away. He ran out in the woods and the police had to go, look, no. No couldn't find him from his car. Sixty seconds story. That's very similar. I'm standing driving to lake Arrowhead and upstanding on. This turn is looking at the city with this chick. And we just hear this truck coming up come up road on my deck onto fast because we're on a big sweeping left, and we turn around. We're safe distance for the road. And he just understeers into a Rockwall. Eighteen Wheeler truck known like Silverado fifteen hundred go he jumps. He lands between a tree and the wall. And he's truck just hang in the air and truck turns off, and he opens the door and looks around. He sees like there's only two people there and close the door. And he turns the truck back on he floors it. He's trying to get off the wheels are in the air. Around for a while. We're trying to calm down that we call nine one one, Bob LA and as years the cops approaching he just walks toward the wall and just jumps off of it to hopefully scape. The cops. He lands in a different tree. Cops show up and the pharma show like Cirque stop moving, sir. I don't see what's happening shares. Like stop movie, we're here, we gotta stop. And you share like any tries it again. And then lands, and you just go. Oh now he's injured. The hardest rescue. Got he fucked up a couple times daily driver other. I've never put into a tree Arado truck. Nothing wrong with us over but back to it. He he's desperate for to be electric desperate for to be let you do in LA. A lot of sense everytime. I driven I had a volt for awhile. And I think the vote was one of the greatest cars ever made and sad. They're not making any more. And if there's any of them left on dealer, lots everyone should go buy them because the best daily driver. But the every time I drive a tesla when I get to my destination. I'm a little calmer. It's like because there's no vibrations or harshness, and because I'm driving on one.

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