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A 15yearold boy riding in a store car this same car that was hijacked thanksgiving night leaving a community activists dead cherie henry of your was with her young nephew when she was shot and killed during a carjacking please sagged child was not injured they say henry was shot in front of her home just tanks giving night as she returned from thanksgiving dinner police say they spotted car and four people running out of it they captured the three after a foot chased the fourth got away wins news time eight forty nine panic in the streets of london as police respond to an incident in and around a subway station alex stone with armed police wearing tactical gear moved in oxford circus tube station and cleared out a mole above bad station some people went running out crying trying to get away from whatever was it was going on police say they responded as if it were a terrorist incident before knowing what it really was their initial response was to shots fired no casualties were reported and arrest is made in a hit and that left a man critically injured in queens fifty two year old carmine mini excuse me midday tino is charged with leaving the scene of an accident dwi and driving on a suspended license witnesses say a 71yearold man was trying to cross ed murray street and seventeen throw just before seven pm thursday slammed into him and then drove off leaving him in the street neighbor says the victim was with chugged friends who her tried to run after the suv that man is listed in critical but stable condition police found the vehicle abandoned a few blocks the prison term for south africans sprinter and convicted murderer oscar pistorious has been more than doubled brad mielke explains apparently big star they called blade runner was serving a sixyear prison term but south africa's top appeals court made it fifteen calling the original sentence shockingly lenient that's very steenkamp the father of rivas steenkamp hooper story is shot through a door in 2013 it marks the end longlegged road in which multiple judges were overruled for downgrading the charges than for issuing a sentence well under the minimum justice is claims he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder when he shot through the back door wins news time eight fifty one.

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