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In the the NBA and the NFL the breaking away from this model now lately, but in the in the beginning. They didn't engage in collective bargaining. They engaged in the settlement of antitrust. Lawyers in the courtroom, negotiating a basic agreement as a settlement would draw the antitrust claims that will be put baseball players because baseball was subject to the antitrust laws for the longest time. Baseball players had actual negotiations. They were in the room. They will negotiate. IT WASN'T A. It wasn't gonNA fear and gene wars, you know. People like that it was the players when negotiating. We would their spokespeople, but they negotiated that lead to a greater feeling of solidarity with the players UK before, and how much time you have about, say a great story about. The nineteen, ninety, four, Nineteen ninety-five strike, and a player to whom. All players all great debt. A player who was up a player who lost yeah really Scott Scott Sanderson. Obviously you know your strike you. Have you know two hundred fifty, two hundred sixty two reaches two hundred thirty eight days. A lot of players to resolve is so good, but not as strong as somebody. That is the beginning you know, etcetera, and then some disaffection, so we call a big meeting in California three hundred players show up room, and you know this this this Oh, that play wants to say a few words about why we might want to consider giving up. This said we're play. Baseball gotTA. GET BACK TO WORK CLUBS Are attending, and they actually do put players in. Saint uniform numbers as the players on strike in Spring Training Games. And we have this big meeting and Scott Sanderson gets up and I'd like to show of hands. I like anyone who believes. That we should give the players who come after US less than we received from the players who went before us. And he heads. Not one hand went up and I turned to lauren rich at the time repeated. Please association I said. Clubs don't have a chance because what Scott was able to do. was He captured full the plays? Really what issues you have certain you you. You have certain benefits. They didn't come to you from like Manna from head. They came to you through the hard work in the solidarity players. Who went before you?.

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