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Listening to music yeah but Kyle Busch. Certainly is still rocking and rolling he got his six win of the season last week tying in with Kevin Harvick thirty five playoff points so far to thirty-three for, Harvick twenty six for Martin Terex junior and Clint Boyer is next in line way back with ten of those playoff points that we might see. Become a factor in the playoffs if, a guy has a bad day he can play that card. And use it to. Advance himself no stats are insane and I mentioned at the top of the broadcast. How good the big three are actually, when we come to road courses you'll get Kabushiki stats. To wins at the Glenn to and that's Noma four wins at road courses that's the most for active driver is so he certainly is one. That we. Have to watch, today all right after the race we're going to be naming the end zone driver of. The week presented by auto zone it could be Michael McDowell who is one of the better, road racers on the whole circuit and he's standing by right. Now with Halstead Pennsylvania's Steve post Michael McDonald certainly one of, the road course guys that we always keep an eye on. When we come to. Road racist rhetoric so no more here at Watkins Glen Michael great day yesterday qualified. Inside the top twelve starting in the, twelfth spot how do you feel about your race cars. You get ready to go here to that I feel really good about the Kayla radio four and it was strong yesterday and both practices we. Could have. Been a little, bit better in qualifying but you know it's been a great weekend for everybody at front. Row motorsports and that's a big day for us we just need execute in and I think, we have pace to stay in that top. Ten to seven And if you can put yourself, in position at the, end and that's really what we're going to try to. Get in we've talked so much this year? About the big three and we've talked about? A lot of teams in all facets of NASCAR, racing you guys one of the little teams that's growing scratching and clawing at seven days that kind, of send out, to us what's a day like this mean what is can, you describe the opportunity a daylight this. Is for for you personally. But also to front row motorsports he adds it is a great opportunity in You know there there's two ways. To, look at it is there's a great reward. To get the win and lay. It all.

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