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By on that's underground so we kind of have to rethink and we made this decision after while that. Let's have a cave by oems adapt to whatever terrain they find. Let's let's let's make the caves generate independently of by oems like the cape shapes and everything and then the biles will just be placed independently of of whether they're big large caves there and they'll just adapt and and that reduce the amount of code. We have to write but also gave us basically infinite variety because you could find the a lush cave inside a tiny tiny tiny little area. Where a massive mega cave. Both can contain lush caves. We just have to be a bit smart with the the the feature placements of they'll adapt to whatever is there and the result of that was really positive we were like. Wow this is really cool. We got really incredible variation here and we need to create a bunch of special. You know large caves smallish caves et. Cetera is just one by ohm which adapts so inspired by that we. We kind of realized that since we're now placing big mountains on the surface. We need to figure out how he played by oems and how we can make that less. Those mountains less kind of Clash with with the terrain. Luckily make the the train generally hillier first and then have a big mountain instead of just having a big melting plop down on existing terrain. So we make this kind of fit him and that's what we decided that. Hey let's take this this little trick. We did of decoupling the bio from the from the train shape. Let's apply that in above the surface as well so that's kind of where we ended up. We ended up doing so. We basically said that instead of saying the the multi noise parameters have decided that this is gonna be jungle because it's humid area and in a hot area so that means jungle And because it's a jungle it's going to be flat instead. We say these multi Decide that it's a jungle and the same voltage parameters also decide that it's going to be a hill area. And therefore we get a hilly jungle and it and this gives us just incredibly should start. What were you going to say not any. It's it's so fascinating now walking around the terrain and seeing how different some of these blooms. Look that haven't had that terrain variation before. It's i've got a couple of screen shots where there is a jungle just on the side of one of the new mountains and yeah and and that's the kind of thing seems completely alien to play who've been you know playing this game for the last decade because we used to the way the world works now and i think he's kind of feedback into what we were saying earlier about it providing new challenge and disrupting the way players typically expect the game to go and i think that's one of the things that's made exploring these experimental snapshots so fascinating for players is because microsoft is doing stuff that we're not used to doing and people who've had as much experience with the game..

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