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Welcome to another upset at breakfast leadership. PODCAST it's Michael here and I've got Hala a phones on the line. Follow our and doing good Michael. I'm great great to have young show today. I always I love talking with people that share my passion for helping other people with variety. Different things in particular one of the things is the you help people with is subject that I know very well in my listeners. Know very well on that spurt out so tell us a little bit. Why you got into that space? I I chose to help people with you know fighting. Burn out in being rid of it once and for all and maybe a little bit of your back story on your own burnout destroy Could start by saying that. I've been in the classroom Any the work environment that work for the public service in Canada in a half people coming in and out in the classroom and I see some trends I see some people doing a wing thanks to themselves or on undescended stab working but overdoing in some ways and tolerating SOM- Behavior or some workload issues and things like that and I know it's not sustainable in recognized ad. 'cause I was there I was doing this. The Senate it took its own toll on me and from there on aiming to help not only organisation but individuals. The reality is it's the individuals within the organization that opera pretending keep doing the same cycles. So how do we help them be be better with themselves. They're self management but also management of the environment. Most of the people I work with our managers and leaders orgainzation. So it's Archway R- you'll have to understand the alfio behavior on some trends at you see within your organization. Insulation part of making an organization sustainable is ensuring that we take care of the people any for not doing that then it creates other type of challenges. So that's pretty much the way at enter into that conversation and sometimes eats Could I say on comfortable off double because some people are so ingrained into their behavior that define themselves. Could I say naughty even recognizing when they're going down the path over knelt and even if you tried to get their attention sector is just emperor areas just temporary Arri and then one day. You're no longer see them in the workplace. and You wonder what happened than you'll find out yes. There was a sensitive. The person is on extended. Leave even your allies. That's it you'll burn yourself out so I know that I know that. Oh too well. And you know when people don't recognize that they're burned out or like you said they think it's temporary and spoiler kids three years is not temporary it's that stats stats. Something that's long standing and believe me. You know taking a couple of weeks off of work doesn't fix it as the ingredients. The lead up to your burnout are still there. That's exactly it and the first thing for me in those conversation is to realize. How did that contribute abused to make getting into the burnout? 'cause they're still thinks we do and we don't realize we actually setting ourselves up for it either whether you're a people pleaser or you're trying to showcase what it is that you're so good act and and without realizing Are Too high for the time as we still have. Twenty four hours per day period whichever level whichever task ask whichever goal trying to achieve every single. One of us has twenty four hour per day periods. So if you don't have don't keep enough time time to Could I say resource yourself and Freon that bring 'cause our brain works twenty four seven period period Whether were aware of it or not even when we're sleeping debris keeps working but if you keep Polling or stretching being that brain a moment it's GonNa snap. It's likely lasting band. If you ask stretch it around a big bottle for longtime than inevitable's back activates or regional state a state and that's why burn out as once you overstretch your brain event if you rest you're gonna be seeing the the result of that overstretching for very long time so it requires for you to put boundaries otherwise you'll find yourself l.. Ride back into the same situation where it's a couple of months couple of years later because you happen to change your behavior spot on and even with Mike Mike Bernard which was you know mobile decade ago. Now even I even noticed some symptoms last year and in other places well after launching breakfast leadership and talking with people about boundaries and burnt out and writing a book and all the things that I've done I noticed In the summer of twenty eighteen that I was approaching now. I was nowhere near the state that they needed to be. An Order of. You know I felt when I was completely burnt out but I knew that if I didn't make some adjustments to to my schedule That I was going to be in trouble so what I ended up doing was and this is an exercise that I do all the time as always look ahead. You know three or four months sometime. I'm six months into the year to see what's going on with my schedule and other things going on in historically for me autumn has always been a very very busy time of year when there's a lot of work to be done Everyone comes back from their summer break and they're all full of energy and if you worked all summer are you don't have the energy. They took it all so you're sear literally going okay and everyone's Gung Ho. Let's do this. Let's say you're Straw. Aw Finish the year strong. I'm just hoping to finish the year and in basically I saw that that was going to be a potential social issues so from the podcast standpoint. First thing I did was after about the middle of November. I rescheduled every one of my interviews interviews. So from November fifteenth until I think January eighth or ninth of this year twenty nineteen. I didn't have a single interview. Oh I cancelled or rescheduled the mall and I also blocked off any type of worker trips music. -Ation time all of this kind of stuff. So I'm more or less took the last six weeks of the year off now for somebody. That's a tight bay driven entrepreneur. You you tell somebody I'm taking the last part of the year completely off everyone's like Whoa. How did you do that I I did? That's how that's how I did it because I knew that I needed to do that. Because I anticipated the twenty nineteen was gonna be like a colleague of mine has coined it a very weird word in wild year and he has been spot on so far on how weird and wild this year has been but I enter the year with breath clarity A new approach on how it was gonNA do things. I've already blocked off the last six weeks. Weeks of twenty nineteen for L.. Time Off Bay said yes gas. That's just do that now. Of course I'm also taking some vacation nation time in early November. So I may need to do something that time. But we'll deal with that but it was a case of really establishing boundaries around my I talk and you hit it right on that we all get twenty four hours. What are we going to do with it and something for me is oftentimes? Those perception is helping people realize what they're doing At what are the choices. They're making every day. That is creating a challenge college so sometimes by just going with the flow Not allowing myself to take that distance to to figure out. Is this working for me. I might be able to achieve what I wanted to achieve in. Is this sustainable over a long period of time. and Ed as you said you looked at your story you look at the patch your look at your energy level. Any say need to change that script need to do something different. Need to figure. You're out how do I move forward and if I don't do that it's understanding that abundant pay the price so for me chanting. That's is about making a differential almost every other day it's descents where if something is feeling locker pressure and you realize realize alone. Can I state. 'cause it's not sustainable. The brain is not one of those additional replacement for. Let's put it that that a break one on leg I can use a crutch I can use the other late to help me move forward but guess what there's only one three you'll mess it up. The whole thing shuts out and that's what is burnout. That's a great great description of it and it's amazing how often people get into the state and and and you know this because you work in the space. It's not something that happens overnight but you did mention since something earlier that jumped out at me. You mentioned the comment of people pleasing. And you know. There's books that came out. In two thousand Rosen one disease to please and I read that book. Actually I read it during my My little end of year holiday and it hit me and I'm like Oh okay and when you get that awareness of self me realize all right eight and I found a new ingredient to what led up to my burn out. It really hit home. I see that a lot with with people that burn out. They tend to be those that want to please people either from getting the positive affirmation or may be. They grew up in an environment where there was a lot of narcissism or NC or your name and all kinds of different challenges and or a type A personality -ality that unfortunately got addicted to the relates. So You keep doing it because you want those accolades but you're not. You're not taking the time to actually Sri enjoy life is. You're so busy just working in when you know. Work with people especially executives or managers are putting in insane hours at work. I tell them you know pictures of your kids. If they have children on your desk in often I say yeah. Yeah that's like I do. I said well what I want you to do. Speaker out a way to spend more time looking at them face to face instead of looking at five year pictures of Oh and that gets their attention a little bit. I'm telling you you blink and your first child you bring home next thing you know. They're about ready to graduate together driver's license. They'RE GONNA move in New York and you're like how wait a minute. How can that be or this is funny thing to how quickly time flies? I was in Chicago. Speaking on a physician burnout topic Healthier conference and I lived in Chicago for about six years so I flipped on the news to turn it on and I see some similar news. Reporters and anchors and all that but there twenty years older and it really messed with my brain for a moment because what happened to them and I realized I left twenty many years ago. That's what happens though they got older. Take a look in the Mirror Mike. Guess what do crowd you know. Yeah Yeah and and your brain for some reason time passes but there are certain elements of things really. Don't time that can't be possible..

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