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Radio nine twenty four seven FM traffic packs, right onto ninety five southbound down by exit twenty two we got a crash there in the left lane. Also, not easy ninety five southbound down to Thurbers Avenue. One forty six outbound is jammed up as you get around branch avenue. I'm Dan and that's your southern New England traffic. Aims to sizable losses ranging from about four tenths to nearly one percent across the averages. The Dow falling two hundred thirty eight points, the NASDAQ thirty s and p twenty four. Yes. And right now is at its lowest level since March investors are starting to worry about a recession coming from a long trade war with China, after President Trump said the US isn't ready to reach a trade deal with China. There's a signal WalMart is looking to speed up its efforts to take on Amazon. It's hired a former Amazon, and Google Zecchini for a newly created role that if chief global technology officer higher prices for new cars may be pricing. Some potential buyers out of the market, JD power, and L MC automotive say car sales could drop more than two percent in may from a year ago when the may numbers arrive, and that's even with a strong economy and record high consumer sentiment as measured by the Conference Board. I'm Joan Doniger, Bloomberg radio. Now, the Rush Limbaugh update proudly sponsored by Mike professional tree service. It was a coalition of environmentalist wackos last year the center for biological diversity. The animal league defense fund and the defenders of wildlife. Join forces to oppose the border wall. Their lawsuit claimed that construction of the wall would harm plants rare wildlife habitats and coastal birds, like the California net catcher, a wall suit also claimed that President Trump did not have the right to build the wall, despite a nineteen Ninety-six law giving the federal government of thority to construct border, walls and bypass environmental rules to get the job done back in February and appeals court sided with the Trump administration, he could build the wall over the wackos objections and despite the California net catcher. Well this week, the supreme court way, in by refusing to hear the case, meaning the appeals court decisions siding. With Trump stands now. The only thing standing in the way of the wall is the money, the funding, and that problem could be rectified immediately. If Republican net catchers in congress wanted it to happen, that's really what this is about. So keep sharp. Did you know that there is a new victim of identity theft, every two seconds? It means a criminal could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, and even.

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