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Right. I said hey. I'm in boston. I didn't tell you why was awesome. That's not sketchy. Ads sketchy it's pretty good. It's sketchy that's a that's a. That's a four hour lives in the maybe ten miles from boston. Like hey i'm coming to saugus and didn't see him at ten minutes away. That's that's why. I apologize next time i come to boston. I will give you a heads up. That i'm coming to boston but i'll take you to callard okay. I honestly i will go to kowloon as long as you bring ellen. Fuck no yeah. Oh yeah i'm saying no you've third world with us before and you're just fine. You're right yeah we just one time. One time we went to the flying cock when it was outdoor seating so as of yet on third in new york. Probably yeah and pretty good food yet. It's delicious shenanigans We went and had lunch. When jared's mom was in the city helping them move out and he just sat there and just took a fucking from it was i mean. I don't think he said a single word years and years year. Yeah like i. i mean. I've met ellen when i was living in boston. I'm pretty sure so we've had. We've had a friendship. We've had a relationship we taxed. This is the first time it was just. This is the first time. I just the three of us in in gerges. Just got an earful. I think he wasn't that bad. I remember i wasn't listening. Advertising exactly that was like playbook eight three three eight five seven eight six six five so in the first segment. If you missed the lovely conversation that somehow came from marty and jared beef it was what's dirtier the private parts of a woman or feet and we have anthony in seattle who was a medic in the army. Jared so he is going to give us scoop so anthony. Settle this argument. So you got to think about it like that guess..

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