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Hunter's message to the forty other states that have filed similar lawsuits against opioid makers we dare not go home and you can do it elsewhere Johnson Johnson is released a statement saying it plans to appeal Ribeiro ABC news tropical storm Dorian is gaining strength in the Atlantic and could become a category one hurricane as early as tomorrow police in South Florida tomorrow expected to officially announce charges against several nursing home employees for the deaths of a dozen patients and twenty seventeen from Hollywood Hills rehab a second man cardiac correct it happened just after hurricane Irma slammed into South Florida the rehabilitation center at Hollywood Hills was without power and without a generator would you be if somebody to take care of your mom and they said they would twelve patients died in heat that relative say felt like more than a hundred ten degrees now defense attorneys say they expect charges against three nurses and an administrator among them they say probably manslaughter becomes ABC news what started out as a grass fire in Portland Oregon is now a five alarm that is burned a home the brass wire is still threatening other other homes so we actually have more than one operation happen we have to command structure essentially lieutenant Richard Chapman says the fire which also spread to a skate park is being driven by the wind a Spanish management the past seventy six days paddling some twenty five hundred miles across the Pacific when the US west coast to Hawaii standing on a submarine shaped craft Antonio dolorosa listening to ABC news have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boss and saying I quit and how would you like to commute to work without ever leaving your home well not long ago a thirty nine year old entrepreneur from a billionaire family spent twenty million dollars in three years to find the best home based business in North America he researched seventy different companies and we found the only one that had a real long term potential he bought it and right now he's looking for people to help him turn this company into its next billion dollar success story so if you're serious about making money from home without having to leave your home.

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