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To the Clippers won a lot of people were flagging. It was either going to be the clippers. The Lakers here L. A. C. Gets Morris Isaiah Thomas as well to the clippers notaro's in trade know. Derrick Rose Oh straights they know Kevin Love Trait Holiday Levin Notch rated. PG Tuckerman a nice trade. Houston he got those stilts. Because you sit at six six and other Andre Great Drummond was traded but he was traded to the cavaliers so not a contender. So frank basically just the clippers and heat of the contenders making sizable moves. How do you gauge that? The clippers made a really good movie. Marcus Morris was the best player in the next and also the spokesman of the team. And you see where that gets you as the fourth best player on your team fist. Ba- fifth best player. That's the guy that can knock down at three toughness. He can guard. Lebron James wants the Lakers. Didn't get it with dollar. They were trying to get Marcus. Morris very good move by the clippers. Aubron Marcus Morris is. He's a pro. He's a pro's pro kind of guy. He knows how to play. He knows what's up. He knows he's been around. He's seen a lot of stuff and he can play this game. I think and I do agree. Totally that he's going to be a tremendous addition to the clippers team that I think needed a little more depth than I really i. I really think this is a good one else. Made a move of those Lakers bucks a sizable move Denver. How how do you gauge that Celtic Brian? Well people either couldn't find what they really really wanted or in one case of look team the city where I'm sitting. We predicted it was predicted. Danny Angel and Brad Stevens actually. Yeah I don't think there's going to be any major moves. This is funny thing two years in a row now. The Celtics have done zero on on this day last year. It didn't work out. We'll see if it works times uh-huh I think all those seams at the top of the East got really lucky that he didn't do anything but Miami Galadari which I think would have put them as the clear number number two so by staying put their sort of you know maintaining position in the west I would have liked to see Denver do something I know. Holiday was rumored to be a target for them. I think that could have put them over the edge because right now they look good. They're young but they're not among the court joke. It's his game winners straightness. Why Yo Avenue? Boom Emily Kaplan about you. Yeah the Marcus Morris signing with our trade rather. It was really interesting to me mostly because they prevented him from going to the Lakers. Who didn't didn't WanNa give up their beloved Kyle Kuzma but more so they missed out unequal dolla? They missed out on COVINGTON. They finally got a guy. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure it's the right guy. Yes he ranks eighth and pick can roll scoring which is great. And I think he'll adept scoring for them but they really could have used a big guy if they have to even nuggets of the jazz in the playoffs. They don't have a big man up against Yokich or ooh forgot rudy. Go Okay pointing off Frank Guy Sola you wanna address the pecking order here now in the NBA. All right did anything changed in the last twenty four hours for you. Are we still looking at books for sure in the East. Are we still looking at clippers or Lakers for sure in the West I think menas right. I think Miami Amy Definitely got better than it made. Probably the biggest jump that they wanted to make. But I look at the Lakers now. They've already lost twice to the clippers and the Lakers were thinking all along. We're going to get Andrea a dollar on a buyout. That doesn't happen. You don't get Marcus Morris. Then there was an idea that would get derrick rose and the Drummond one is fascinating because a month ago he seemed like the biggest guy out there. Basically basically Detroit gave them way. 'cause they will worried he would actually opt into his contract. So Andre Drummond. There's several big free agent Ryan.

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