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Three thirty seven hundred. That's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred tonight. We're talking with EM who is the great nephew of Bob. Him about Bob for the origins of Bob board. And of course, this is Karen aid domain. She also certainly she has the board herself. And. And you say that Karen you use spirit guides that talk or not necessarily not necessarily dead departed people. But there people who are there that talk through you as a channel. Well, they're not people. But yes, so the ideas this they've never been born in by they're considered a theory beans what they call themselves is an extension of source energy. So they're a light vibration. They don't have a body. They don't see what they do is. They feel in read vibrations through emotions into feeling. And so they talked me all the time since nineteen ninety four. I met them through the board. They've been wispy forever. But that's when I was able to open up to them, and they speak to the board for many many years. And it's in the last several years that they've been able to communicate through my voice, and so they worked through now. My voice is well my writing as well as on the board, and they helped me right all of my books. So you're you are a I guess you could say you're an automatic rider. Your books are channelled. I'm a channel or the shoe on that my my favorite tool times as the ouija board. But yes, I do automatic writing voice channeling, and I do a lot of dream work. And I love that you brought that up because people want to be in touch with their guides and deceased loved ones. The easiest way to be in touch with them is through your dreams. That's true. Like, I said, you know, there is there's a I guess Satistics showed that sixty percent of people who've lost a loved one usually have contact with their loved one within days of their death. Which is interesting. They eat a contact and through dreams or some other way. Did you ever have any contact or did anytime after the death of Bob were you in contact with Bob did baba come to you dream? Or did you have him contact you through the board? I think well, I think that he did come back to the board just to tell me. Away from the board. And he was. It was like an evil presence. Who was I was with some this lady friend of mine, and she is brother, and we were trying to one all Saturday and Sunday. We just spent looking at all the clues. And we were looking at the there's only one letter, and that's not cut out. The and thinking that was Z's food colours. We thought zodiac killed him. To see if he was involved in anything like that. So you were questioning whether he was zodiac killer. And. So we tried to reach him to ask. And there are a lot of scares things happened. You know, the towel went off in the house and. Bad. You could just sometimes I feel the energy and we didn't pursue because he he's not a good person. He was scary. He would do anything because you know, he seemed calm and happy. He was capable of anything that. My dad would say, you know, he was capable of anything. So nothing would surprise you. That would surprise him. If you heard of something bizarre happening with Bob, you I it wouldn't surprise you at all. No, even if that he made thing that he did it for apologize. Maybe he was just lying about. I don't know. He's just he was such a con man about everybody. I think maybe that part is true that he did get did change have a conscience. He was a scary guy. And I think he he almost was think scared in like a dad big Hells Angels type of guy. He was he was a different kind of scary. Yeah. I can imagine that. Grin on their face. And you don't know whether or not whether thinking they just have that TV is granted that those is that certainly have that the era mischief about them and something so that that certainly is something that keeps people on edge. It makes them feel like they don't know if they can trust or just makes them feel a little on edge. So I can understand that what we're gonna do. Now is you know, I was talking with Karen actually using Skype message, and I was asking her if maybe and I'm gonna ask you on the air, if we were to ask the listeners to call in tonight and ask questions of these guiding these these light beings of yours, these guiding beings could you give them answers. If if if we were to do this tonight. Sure, we can try that. I feel they're here. Yeah. We can do that. Okay. So what we'll do is. We're going to I want to let everybody know that. If you want Bob's board. If you wanna get yourself your own.

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