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A lot of letters coming into the mailbox know what I said. I was good at him. Good good. When I was like twelve. Yeah. Exactly like grading on the curve. Exactly. A feeder system to the big universities that Nola college coaches in the old bleachers that the Amherst Amherst high school basketball games. Not a lot of people the bleachers at the general. Yes. No, I went to NYU, and we would play a lot of pickup at the gym. And I had like a really good pickup came against some of the players, and in assistant coach was like, hey, we want you on the team like your mazing in the back of my mind. I'm like that was just a good game. You know, I don't really have all that scoring ability that you saw. Recreate and I was a cool. No doubt. Here's a just going to practice tomorrow at seven thirty right here. I will be there. My man, no doubt. And then I went home and Tillman roommate like there's no chance I'm going to. This seems to be a theme for you. It's like this balance of passion. And then also laziness. Right. Like, I was great at lacrosse Boone. I took a break. And I was like, you know, what's better chasing women? You really really Just kind just of kind of. figured out like the my core fundamental sort of like dichotomy in the first four minutes of this podcast having Having you. you. I'm actually kind of lazy. I'm happy to anyway. Great and Dan's used to that. Because see does stews podcasts. Five minutes of content. Stands just got to add a bunch of sound blades. So what did you think you want to study NYU, obviously a great school? So you were a good student. I assume in high school, I was a pretty good student. I didn't try that hard but tested talking. But tested. Well, so am I think NYU I think it was more dislike? Oh, hey, like what you get you get into. This thing called GSP's is a little boring. But it's it's interesting. I'll answer the question you're gonna stink call GSP, which is general studies program when you're not officially a student of NYU, but you still have to pay one hundred percent of the tuition, and so it's their way of being like, we'll be Asher. We'll have you here. But after two years, if you don't it's like probation like after two years, if it works out, you can then transfer into one of the other schools, and if it doesn't work out in those two years, then we're just gonna say, no, thanks. So I did I did well enough which is kind of what I do and just enough to get by. And then I was on the phone. This is also like nineteen ninety eight. So it's it's not exactly I wasn't like using the app on my phone to put my classes together to some automated system, and I'm on the phone picking it, and I wanted to go into hotel and restaurant management. Okay. I like hanging out. You know what I mean and cloy hang out for living. Like hotels, and then all the classes were at eight in the morning at nine in the morning. And you remember that's like here, we go college and brand. Yes. So very last second. I was like, you know, what I'll transfer the business school. So I went to the really the the calculation was like if I'm going to be paying all this money and like going to the school. I don't really have a passion for any of these academics. I might as well just like go to the best sounding one, you know. And they've got a good business schools. One thing I will be doing business, and it's called the stern school of stern. Yeah. Which makes it sound even more important. It's very serious to like, the the p my peers in in that business school had very different sort of like they're approaching academics and their experience in that class. A lot more seriously than I was like I would say in a big lecture with a one hundred fifty people there were probably eighty people in suits..

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