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You in a polar am forehand so everybody who his knows about polar polar makes heart rate monitor is in runners watches of their stuff is is you know serious stuff like like the gar men like there are serious runners are your runner what does he want to keep track of tom well i mean i want to know but he beer than the mark monitor for those who are are a good bet i also with attractive to a because i use where i'm keeper and i guess i think when that's right what a little wanted known avoids recognition because i always my small now and it's so big i used to high cooperate now i'm running and it's going to be a good but i like the phone be cheered it and now inferred right we went out you know without me looking good for the defeat why i don't know of a wants to talk to you like that i know is that a nice thing you've gone one mile and you've when steps and you know i love that every so everybody will sync with run keeper cause that's at that's the standard straubel run keep her my fitness how all of these programs will work with almost any fitness band but so really your real is that what you your feature said the you watch heart rate of course everybody does some do better than others the best the best heart rate monitor is an apple watch the next best heart rate monitor my experience as the fit there but i would expect polar to be very good because they make heart rate.

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