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Then we are looking for you. Join .gov. WTOP .org Good Saturday morning, June 3rd. Welcome into WTOP. Glad you're with us. Time now is 1222. This is WTOP news. Hopefully police officers will remain in Alexandria middle and high schools under a new agreement between the city's police department and school system that came this week. The Alexandria school board voted to approve the agreement Thursday night. It's scheduled to go into effect this summer, July 1st and comes after a long debate over the role police should be playing in schools. Washington Post reports that city council voted to stop funding the school resource officer program in May of 2021. Then they were brought back after a high school lockdown in October of 2021 during which a student had a firearm at school. Alexandria has also taken other steps to address security, we were told, such as adding weapon detection systems to middle and high schools. Another local school system is suing social media companies over their role in declining student mental health. This time it's Howard County Public Schools. The system has filed a lawsuit against the companies behind Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. CPS says their addictive products are exacerbating the youth mental health crisis that seeing we're right now. The school system says that it is placing a substantial burden on the school district to provide enough support to students. Prince George's County schools filed a similar suit just last month. The driver of the bus on which a young student locally was attacked, you may remember, nearly shot to death last month, is speaking out now about what happened that day and how it has affected her since. The driver spoke with WTLP's own John Doman. Natalie Brower watched in horror as three people stormed onto her bus last month and put a gun to the head of a student sitting right behind her. That's all I talk about. I've been insomnia. I had to go to the doctor and anxiety since this occurred. She watched one teenager try to pull the trigger times three each time the gun failed. If that gun hit in the jam, I might not be here today. game. The safe spot she took her aid and the student who was attacked ended up being about a mile away. Oh his face was scarred He up. had a big knot on the side of his face. They hit him really hard. She says the school system needs to do more to protect employees like her. In Upper Marlboro, John Dohme and WTOP News. There are tragic new tales this weekend of the death of a young girl last month in the custody of US Customs and Border Protection. The CBP report says medical contractors at the facility saw Reyes approximately nine separate times between May 14th and the early hours of May 17th. During those nine visits, Reyes complained of fever and flu symptoms. The girl was diagnosed with the fever and was given Tamiflu, ice packs and a cold shower. That is CBS correspondent, Omar Villafranca reporting on this Saturday morning. Morning. You are listening to 103 There was this one time I went snorkeling

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