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If his feet are set. I'm fine with that ball reversal on file with it. If a guy goes under the pick and roll, and he kind of has that extra half a second to get set as opposed to going off the bounce. I'm okay. But movement stuff from three, it's just not there yet. It's not. And that's why I take pause because we saw a guy like shreve Cooper who's just unbelievable out of the pick and roll, and the vision and the reads that he makes, too, still comes back to the shooting. Shot at well for a game or two and summary, but if you don't do it all the time, it's just hard to keep you on the floor in the NBA. Yeah, and Sharif Cooper is a guy who I think is a live gerbil passer, like the passing that really translates in and out of sets and NBA settings. I think he's pretty severely ahead of where Kennedy is right now. So yeah, like I'm not even totally convinced that Kennedy Chandler is the first round pick yet. He could earn that. He definitely could earn that throughout the year and prove himself. That would not surprise me at all, just given the mentality, the basketball IQ, the court sent all of that. I would totally buy that. But the tools just aren't kind of there, and that makes it really, really hard when the tools aren't there. I feel like he's at least listening to the right people though, because the feeble stuff this summer. He did rely much more to his jumper in international play than he did. Basically here where he can really get in the lane and really slice up defenses off the bounce in high school, but you could tell he started to kind of mold this game to the way the fever style is and hit some jump or the average 7.7 points per game. So he's not hardheaded that he thinks he's going to play this one style and that's going to take him to the next level. Yeah, totally. I agree with all that. Okay, let's go to Thai Thai Washington. Next. So not a crazy explosive athlete. But is bigger at 6 foot three? What do we want to call tie tie? Like a 190 pounds, 200 pounds? Yeah, so one 90 on these quite 200. Yeah, I would say that's probably right. So when I watch Thai Thai, I think tremendous shooter really really good passer. Like sees all of the passes on the court consistently in a way that you need to in order to be successful whenever you don't win on explosiveness, right? Because his first step is not great. He's not an explosive athlete. I even think his handle is just okay. In terms of creativity, like he has a tight handle and he has good footwork like he's good once he picks the ball up and can Euro step. They can do some different little poised moves. Like he doesn't get flustered with the ball. But it's hard to win as a lead guard when you're not crazy explosive..

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