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And he will be able to run. That's it. That's it because he will only be able to get five, six, ten plays. That's it. That it's much better to run to a spot. Irv says, as a receiver much better to run to a spot on the line of scrimmage, thinking about how you're about to dominate rather than thinking about how do you run the route you're supposed to run. And how it works in everything. Telling you it's not an easy situation. We just surf in right in the middle of season and and suddenly you're thrown up the axe. It's, I don't know what it's going to have an injury situation like Jacksonville, you'd think he'd be a good fit. They're not interested or they're not interested in him. You think Coughlin's. Like, let's let's get designate. Doug figure it out. But if there's someone who knows Dez and is familiar with him, it's Tom Coughlin. Marketing played against him twice the marquee sleep. They're used. They're used to not having him out there very much anyway. He hasn't been able to play full sixteen in a while. So what else do you have over there? Chris, Doug Peterson says he'll probably make a decision at the quarterback spots. Carson Wentz, Nick foles on Friday don't doesn't expect to be now. It's publicly, but it looks like Friday will be the decision time of this week or the Friday after the opener. I assume this week I'm assuming this. Okay. Cowboy about Jerry Jones rich. You mentioned Jerry Jones wants to see eighteen regular season games, two preseason games. He says he does not believe players health will be affected. Here's his Co. today on one or three, five, the fan in Dallas. I think candidly, it's probably physically better for players than it is to have the longer preseason the longer practicing. It's not our studies show that we actually have a ramped up injury situation with players during the preseason as opposed to injury factor in the regular. I'm sure look, I am not privy to all the information that that Jerry Jones is privy to and those sons on a competition committee. I'm sure they see it all and they get it all and they can look at the slide rule and also see whatever the bottom line is. I'm just saying, I talked to fans every day even though big Al. Thanks. I wanna talk about more bread with Tom Papa with fans. I talked to fans every day on the show, which is why I love doing this show the number of times I walked, you know, walk around and asked about football this, that the other thing, it's an honor. It's an absolute honor to be doing this certainly on behalf of the NFL as they have for fifteen years fifteen plus. So I say that as the as the the preface to what I'm about to say, nobody wants to see eighteen games not a single fan is saying, you know what? Sitting there around late December. You know what? I'd like to see. I'd love to see two more games, nobody. Nobody. Everybody is saying. I'd like to see less preseason potentially, though, potentially. It's very difficult to watch. I understand that and we wring our hands at this time of year every year about what to do about the preseason. You don't want out wringing our hands about right now..

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