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And it's not just arguing it's it's all human interactions so think about this artificial intelligence it's evil to identify items right it's idea is able to identify oh that's a car the car looks like a car right and it's able to identify a tree because the tree looks like a tree that humans because we aren't we move we do things we interact it's harder to read what what we need are what we're doing for an artificial intelligence because it's constantly changing and think about this like it in order to identify that is a hug you have to see an interaction happening between two people so when you think about trying to progr graham something artificial to understand how humans interact with each other they have to learn it somehow rights and so what google is doing is it's literally having their artificial intelligence binge watch youtube and there watching what what is i don't i guess they don't understand what is youtube c a r y what does that gogel's a high it like they have they have gugel is working on an artificial intelligence program which is just some computer that's like really smart or probably that they would put in you know i don't know they would use it in a number of different ways and one of them is to help like advertisers understand human behavior better so they know the best way is to advertise their products okay by the way that they are trying to train these these artificial intelligence programs is by allowing them to just absorb youtube i think they said fifty seven thousand youtube collapsed while they are watching to try to.

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