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We do though. I i feel like this is they. Tried to keep this a little bit more someone in reality right in the real world where it's like the explain the lorraine warren. The wife is very very affected by all this stuff. That ad doesn't necessarily like her doing the deem analogy stuff anymore because a take something away from her every time that she does it. She has these an amazing powers of esp. The houses super haunted though. The house is like ridiculous. Haunted chairs are being flung around and it sets up. What every movie in. This series is basically a bow. Which is there's a demon in the house for some reason. Different reasons all the films but in this one. There's a demon in the house. This demon owned the house. She hung herself but before she hung herself from the tree. She said anybody that gets on my property. Basically going to haunt the shit out of him and this family bought the house. They didn't know the real didn't tell him. Hey just so you know a lady herself in the from this tree and pledged your soul to satan and said she was going to haunt everybody. Who's in this house so didn't know that when the guy from office space moved in he had no clue. But that's what's happened. The family moves into the house and they get a haunted like crazy to the point that eventually the mother does get possessed by the demon. The demon is able to get into the mother and she gets possessed when you watched it. Were you as surprised. As i was as to how much attention was being paid to the family as opposed to the warren's all you remember it being back yeah and i actually.

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