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The operator you're of DC UNIVERSE DC universe is only available in the US. Sorry Haley strong. Okay okay all right here we go all right. Let's get to our this week in survivor history quiz. I'm so nervous now. Twitch push okay all right take it away Jordan Kayla Ish. Yes this is don questions. You've never gotten dragged ragged on twitter. I mean what's your definition of drag and I've gotten I've gotten tweets that like some of my questions. were slightly poorly word. Maybe but I don't think that's drags I mean. No one's ever said anything horrible to twitter. I feel people get. I feel like people get dragged way worse than I do and I think on a on a weekly basis I think the response at least the thing is people could sub tweeting me. Maybe like sub tweet drags. I haven't searched by my name without my like atrazine Caylao after the show. Yeah we'll see how that turns out so maybe getting dragged but at least the tweets that are directed at me or are typically positive and often when they're not they're constructive so keep keep coming at me. Hey guys. So here's here's the quiz and this is a long time in the making with the Heli strong who should have been against a long time ago. We have four multiple choice questions. You each each get to answer two of them if you answered if you get the the options you can only get one point but you cannot steal if you go for to your opponent could steal a point if you're wrong and then we'll go to the final round in which both of you can receive points. The four categories that we have today are cookie adjacent Losers what do we say to the survivor. God's not today and let's go to rocks. Okay hello you go. I guess you get to choose. I kind of gopher cookies adjacent. We're going to survive or nothing tastes better than five hundred dollars from November twentieth. Two thousand eight eleven years ago Wednesday and I believe how you're you're very close to the situation so the bone auction is known for the cookie incident involving sugar and Randy but other stuff happened to one is sealed note. It ended up being an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Gosh okay so now if I answer it if few answers out here and you're right you get to but rob has a chance to steal right. I'm GONNA GO Kenny. And he he is. Okay all right. Can I hear the question wartime. Yes so the question is good. Bone auction is known for the cookie. Incident involving Chagrin Randy. But other stuff happened to one a sealed note that ended up being an advantage and the next immunity challenge Sealed note that ended up being an advantage. I'll say Bob it was not bob. Corinne Kaplan okay. So yeah it was one of the advantages where it gets. That's you to the final round but then you still have to people so she she did not win a minute there unfortunately neither foul Yup and it is rob Ob Stern. We have Losers what do we say to the survivor. God's not today and let's go to rocks. Let's go to rocks okay. Let's go to Russia millennials versus Gen X.. Million Dollar Gamble from November twenty third two thousand sixteen three years ago Saturday on the famous rock draw. That sent Home Future Y.. X. Lost Host Jessica Lewis. Zekan Hannah were immune. Due to the fact they were the two players that received the tide votes Jay was also immune since he won the immunity challenge who else at the rock drill was immune and therefore did not draw Iraq. Okay somebody else was immune The I will say I'm going to guess and I'm going to say that it was Hannah. Anna is incorrect. So Hell you get to steal point okay. Selenium versus Gen-x. Let me put myself in that place. Who was there was was David if it is incorrect the answer was Ken McNicoll because David Played His idol on then he thought that adamant thought that he overheard That Ken was GonNa get the votes. I think actually on the podcast the next week. Sunday and of Not The credit for so yes you also also get zero points on that. So we have two more categories we are tied and Heli you can either choose glues irs or you can choose. What do we say to the survivor? God's not today today that one what do we say. Okay we're going to blood versus water. Big Bad Wolf November twentieth two thousand thirteen six years ago Wednesday who came in first place in the first post merged redemption island truly winning the right to give away an idol clue to someone still in the game. Can you marite that. Who came in first place? In the first post merged redemption islands rule and this is not the season redemption island. This is the first redemption island tour of blood versus water. Winning right to give away an idol clue to someone still in the game..

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