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All the goodness of no just without collectors she can enjoy even if you're sensitive the moments try lactate Taco Bell song love of my life is so good not so I'll hit you right in the eighteenth me in my eyes Dominic not surprised not to fry's easy talk about movie trailer two singles yeah I got myself ninety nine views in honor of the ninety nine cent menu Darren criss is pretty amazing just do away with the words seasons of all the troubles this guy's good yeah I'm worried though not afraid won't last for ever don't say things like that talk about safe chasing gold save not fries lounge presents I wrote this next song from Cheyenne should never have told her how progressives collision insurance covers injured dogs and cats she said if they could love her pooch is much as she did so good high well I could this next song is called cat person you was run the cat engine coming of coverage not available in New Hampshire North Carolina yes this is this is Ron and as was music music is bad right now hello is number one hit music station eighteen forty eight hours by Taco Bell to never thought I'd say this to talk about was a hit song they did recruit Terron Chris for the vocals and a movie trailer and he is singing about much of fries and both have pretty devoted fan bases check it out and it talk about for not your fries before they're gone here comes more AT forty with you guessed toast eva Max we know you're excited about this week's guest and so am I is filling in for Seacrest all weekend long eight C. forty Hey everybody this is eva Max but you can call me your guess has this weekend so it's summertime and the temperatures are rising but we've got the perfect thing to balance that out some cool hit and for heaven's sake please wait some sunscreen let's hear some more music there's no way you roll your eyes takes me back to or the sun everything is good no you're the only thing China's woman this conversation so many so what do you say this did is that the loan was see you stay with me tonight is it is so wrong the one on AC forty yeah that's an unique that by Camila Kobe and Shawn Mendes new and number twenty six our second debut from Camilla this week and I may even Max and running things here well rise up on his deserved vacation so I have some new music coming that I'm super proud of and super excited to share with you I really would just describe it as pop female endemic anthems and they're very strong and exciting and I just can't wait to put them out anyway that's all I can say right now but I'm so excited for you guys to hear everything and it's all coming very very soon now let's get back to the countdown twenty four you still owed earns man was in no and then you turn on the back of the I mean when she's me on I yeah everything in suddenly in the series I just saying do you see me online I season in the online the city would us and knows AT forty extra with them by can to they you mean we in use now if you so now instead of fixing up yeah thank you do second that I see you you'll be surprised that happens is nothing new so is on thank god you can this last have his a they even do still ten and then question you can.

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