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Yeah but i mean. I put some points down. Mileage about it was if they did form of super league so the reforms what i would look at that. Is that you don. This is major sort of put by we reform to the premier league. Yet we we shall we. So those teams that i i would send them out permanently if wants to go and play the super league. I would get rid of him. This is what i would do you still you. Still have champions league qualification for the reform primarily the things i would do that. I would have a salary cap yet. Definitely a spending cap. Yes so everyone now is is which is what. We all thought it was going to be at one time. I think when properly so everyone thought that this is going to be this opportunity for everyone to a chance of as i see winning the premier league but when we look at how many teams eventually wound up primarily. Very interesting petting zoo. Yup so so. I would also it would also give close up to the two. I think to promote more playing plays from the academy's yep from point poetry because the salary cap you got a clip spending cox yet you're gonna promote a bit bull from within and i i also feel what what could be good. Would be supportive. Could watch more local teens in their area so take an example the liverpool area. Yeah so you got teams like marine trump via blackpool wigan crew chestha etc so maybe now you know instead of instead of watching now liverpool yet you still watch them now go go go and watch other teams in the area and gives have your support because you know if what you say that you you don't like us super believe but they go full minute you know many find with a away from it not many still be there they still they still be wanting to watch it but now it just becomes it gives them a chance if they wanted to to go to pull the teams and maybe do the teams that lloyd in lower division to know we we could get big gates and everything but you today. You've got to make football to me. It's got to be even out now as eight. The women's shoe league. The women's shoe police is going to be exactly the same as the men's primarily. It's just going to be the safe for me. Yep i've been. I've been in the women's game you know what i did. A little bit coached wolverhampton. You know i. I saw what it was about was given the details and opportunity and the lady an opportunity to play football in that constructive manner from the point of view league and everything else and give them some opportunity throughout promotion and relegation in edison. I never felt it would go as far as it's gone but now it's gone to where as paul. It's gone too far now for me. I think what you go to have. You could have to save teams winning the same competitions so you think if you go back a few years the city with a really strong team in the face division very strong nowadays yet. They struggled to compete yet. Aston villa both bearing aston villa really struggling now in.

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