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Kyle Busch has to come to pit road well if you're really looking at the J. G. R. teammates the top three they're running hard they're running for everything they got they know they're short you start looking back in mid pack here the car's fifteenth on back their only chance to win this race is the star same field take a guy like Joe really gonna fifty three was fifteenth before the pit stops just start with Kyle Busch he had a bad pit stop he starred safety what we see Kevin Harvick he's fine he's gone by Brad Keselowski for for Dave moody down the front straight away he jumps to the bottom of the racetrack Dr another car starting to drive away already from Brad Keselowski after all will turn number one a moment ago already five Carly's between those two hard drive got a lot of clean air directly they are gone there matter fact of entire quarter away Harvick though still running that higher line back to three so Kevin Harvick now is up to fourth but the top three our nose to tail and they're headed to turn one only separated by as they play me on my channel Jill gives racing Toyota is off of turn the way all right away it's Erik Jones by two car like silver Martin Truex junior two more back to Denny Hamlin all through the tunnel turn it on to the shorts you organ away down the shore to good thing with so what I plan to continue to be Eric Jones is preferred line is about Martin Truex junior rooms all the catch up on the backend well if you're going to stay at the front of the field you're gonna have to burn some local fuel Erik Jones Martin Truex Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick doing exactly that what about deeper in the field maybe state Ryan Blaney who is even outside the top twenty what about Ryan lady right here this ticket the clean up in what's in those little boards in the block Lainey being one of the most seventeen a standout in the six of Ryan Newman ladies team just confirm yes they are trying to stretch it and make it all the way now we'll find out if they can do it the final twenty laps are on deck the number twenty is out front looking for a win number one of twenty nineteen that's Erik Jones.

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