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Good morning. Welcome to bears awful Tuesday with Woody up cap. Jake Way both watched that game. I believe that was the most embarrassing loss of the mat Meggie era and one of the most embarrassing I've seen. When Marc Trestman and was here that was a comedy show because the guy was incompetent. But you have a team that had a five on one record had legitimate hope came in and the Rams not only beat your ass, they imposed their will in every Aspect of the game even when you held them to a punt. Johnny Hekker, who I would love to punch in the face. Johnny Hekker was awesome. He was absolutely awesome. He's got that. Crap eating grin as he runs down the field on that one. Love to hit him, but he did his job. There was not one aspect of the game, buddy, where I looked at what we look pretty good there. No offense, Defense special teams. It was a disaster in Los Angeles, an absolute disaster where so many people whether is politicians or athletes or preachers there. People are swayed by the spoken word. Well, let me tell you about me as a fan. I'm not swayed by the spoken word. Everyone was excited about foals in his leadership, and he was standing on top of the mountain telling you Well, I mean, would you rather win ugly or lose pretty Well, you lost pretty ugly yesterday in Los Angeles. People are so worried about the spoken word. Look at the leadership. You got more from folds and Robiskie. Here's the thing that you got. Always remember. It's about what happens in a game that was said in the press conference. There's a lot of guys on this football team that could win the press conference. How about the guys that could actually win the games and be able to master what they do on offense? Defense and special teams? Yes, The Bears are five and two, but this goes into the slippery slope of what many Have said, And that is, you know, the Bears are five and one going to the game but dot dot But well, here's the big butts and I cannot lie that the Bears lost against a good ram steam. You want to know what the offense is supposed to look like? Look what the Rams did to the Bears defense. That's the way it was A look. It wasn't like they were just overly prolific, but you know what? It was. They were productive. The jet sweeps the play action. All of that is what the Bears are supposed to look like when the Bears look like something that's totally different. Inept. An offensive genius corner. Quote in Matt Maggie, the head coach of this football team. He can't get out of his own way. The team can get a long way, because you've just gotta have that Harris play. You just gotta have that Patterson play. He's gonna have those plays, right? It was fine As I was telling you, the Carolina game. They'd have to worry about a whole bunch of Demetrius Harris. Third string tight end plays or Patterson plays. You have to worry about that. Because you do have a set of guys that you, Khun trust like a Robinson commit coming into his own money that look at that yesterday we were. We had a tempo in the first quarter that looked pretty good. But of course, the undisciplined offensive line and undisciplined football team again couldn't get out of their own way with the affected penalty. So it's just it was a microcosm of so many things that was wrong and hopefully they could turn around against the Saints. Saints are a team that's struggling. Michael Thomas has a high ankle sprain, and he's having issues with Sean Payton. I'll worry about them coming up, but Odie, my friend. When you watch what we saw last night, Fourth and one And we're sitting in the green room with the spread of food in front of us and all it turns he goes. And I think he was being facetious, he said. Here comes the 4th 4th and wonder, Jeff Sweet Cordero Patterson. No shot, no shot, and it was literally half a second later. There it is, and he just looked at me. It was almost as if I'm not saying he did this, but it was almost as if Matt Nagy said Yeah, I was listening to that cabin hood and all the other freaking know it alls in the media. F you guys, I'm running it. And it was blown apart. That had to be one of the dumbest play calls I've seen in a long time. That was embarrassingly that it's dumb play call in the intersection with bad execution on the player too, right? You don't put Patterson in that situation. I feel like I'm a broken record. I told you this all season. I told you, it's all seas. I don't want him there in crucial situations. Offensively, one special play a game. Maybe two. But not to the point where you utilizing him so often in the first half a greater and on fourth and one. What's the point of that? So what's Montgomery? Therefore? Some will call us and say, Well, you know that was a tree Cohen play. That sure of Cohen makes that gets that first down, either. Not even sure the little guy not even sure he gets the first time either. But it got blown up point is, though, is that Demetrius Harris does not need touches. Does that agree that? Why did you tried you draft command? Policy that Patterson has more touches than commit. Explain that to me, I can't. Why did you draft and then And then what did Matt say After the game, Cole commits going to get more time Now he's earned it. Well, hold on a second. In fact, here it was a great job by Nick Throwing that ball tonight wasn't wide open right?.

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