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Well I know we're all a little off balance. These days a little out of step of his new to all of the changes that we have seen that have been wrought by cove nineteen all the restrictions so many asking what's open. What's close, but one thing that remains constant that June thirtieth primary election just eight days away. If I'm doing my math correctly and well, there's some things that you need to know. Join this morning by Larimer County, clerk and recorder Angela Myers, and so I welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it very much and. So Eloquently Well thank you. I appreciate that as well now. Things are a little bit busy for clerks, clerks and recorders around the state. Your no exception, right. No exception here and you know that's pretty much the way it is all the time but as. Election season. So. Tell us what we need to know. I wanted to ask you. Because here's what I did I did. I did my due diligence Angela because I live in Larimer County, I live in Loveland and so I went and dug through my mail baskets and yeah I found my balance. I've got my ballot, but it's too late to mail it right. Oh today is the last eight of male. Okay. Yeah, today's your last male Yep. All right, so I can still drop it in the mail and make sure that it's counted by then we get to the vote early portion of the conversation, which is a good thing early voting it's that's fine, but voting often not so much. We can still only cast one ballot. Against so eloquently said you are absolutely correct. It is time however to get that valley. You did receive in the Mail on its way to us. And if you don't put it in the mail, drop it in a twenty four hour, dropbox. And there's one in every municipality and Labor County and all across the county. So there's many opportunities for you and we can just go to your website. Right and get all those dropbox locations well absolutely, but even better, Gail. You can grab it out of your instructions. Voter instructions team your ballot. All information is right there. Your fingertips thing on looking. I'm looking at my. Why you are absolutely correct, thank you so much. Instruction reader, either and I always tell people. Have a lot of great insulin of Avalon. Exactly that's of like your last default position. Read the instructions. Gentlemen I'm talking to you. My friend I'm with you. All right now. What about the changes that? We have seen in terms of voting relative to covid nineteen. You know I'll tell you what Gail. The most important thing for people to remember. Is You know we have a wonderful system in Colorado views it don't go into a voter service and pulling center unless you absolutely have to get that ballot that you received in the mail back to us as quickly as you can. Don't wait until the day before they can just drop the twenty four hour box. You'd be to that Dave Election Day and what happens if you spoil it or you spill coffee on it now you end up vs because you waited too long for another solution so Please get those ballots into us before Election Day if you possibly can. As you bring up a very cogent pointed I am a coffee spill from a long way back particularly. If I'm wearing something white, I mean that that just narrows the timeframe and wished in which that white shirt is sullied, but what happens if you do, spill coffee on your ballot, or if your kids breakout the crayons and coloring on your ballot? You're going to want to contact our office. Nine, seven, four, nine, eight, seven, eight two. Two Zero and ask us let us know what happened, and we'll do our best to help you without your having to go into a voter service and pulling center whatever that might look like so give us a call I, 'cause we want to keep as many people out of that at that in-person site as we can, because of social distancing and covert so call us first, and you're going to want to replace that, Alad. All right. That's good to know Finally. There's a lot of. Consternation a lot of conversation about the efficacy, the safety, the security of mail in ballots, and I find it fascinating, because Colorado was kind of a trailblazer in that arena, right? Well. Absolutely we're one of three states across the nation that actually do mail balloting and have done it for a while. The other would be Washington. And Oregon and I. Tell You what we do. Have a wonderful system. I asked often about broad. I will tell you in Larimer County. I see nearly none of it when I do see someone who who crosses the line. It's usually someone who was confused. That doesn't matter Gail. However, confusion doesn't get you out of it. You still could visit from RDA but but you know usually what we see. Someone just got. You know life is happening for them. What happens to your brain? When you're when your wife ends up in the hospital emergency room or your child is is You know broke their leg or you poke something in your eye, you know people's lives are happening until they do stupid things when when their lives are full of other things going on, so, but that doesn't matter we still we still send him to. The and RDA is very. cares a lot about voter fraud and is very active and doesn't let those things go, which were very proud of. A friendly visit from the DA well. You really don't. Walk. Yes exactly and I'm sure I'm sure. The DA is a lovely individual, but yet when it comes to voting that something, we all take seriously so Dan. Yeah, despite the the noise that we are hearing across the country. Colorado's voting system mail in balloting. has proven to be very very safe. When it comes to fraud, you are absolutely right and I'll tell you what couple of things I wanted to let. Your listeners know about that are really important with respect to larimer county. All of our vehicle licensing.

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